September 20, 2012

First Foodie(Fat Loss) Friday

HMM not sure if I am married to this title for my Friday posts but for this week we'll say it is a go, any suggestion is welcome
   Last night was weigh-in at Weight Watchers and I am proud to announce that I am down another
1.8 pounds Woo Hoo!!  What I found funny is that the bag of grapes I bought today weighed almost that exact amount ~ and I was looking for the biggest bag. Okay so it is not as dramatic as last week's 4.6 pounds but I will take it just the same.
Here's some facts from my week:

  • I learned that I can buy 1 petit four at a time from Publix's bakery.  Costing only 69 cents believe me when I tell you they are absolutely worth the 3 points.  I've been enjoying the WW treats as well as Skinny Cow's offerings.  But let's be honest nothing tastes as good as real cake and frosting.  I know myself and I can't buy even "just" a slice as well simply put there'd be no sharing possible just the sound of wind gushing by as I inhaled the whole thing. BTW Chocolate is my favorite not wasting the 3 points on anything that's not incredible
  • I am still struggling with my late-night eating.  Some people will get this others won't.  I'm not talking about eating at 10pm.  It is the waking up at 230am knowing exactly what you are going to devour and hide the evidence eating I've done most of my adult life.  As in any War it is important to have a Battle Plan and so far it seems to be working.  Before bed I make myself a container of fruit.  This week grapes and cantaloupe were on sale so that's what we've been eating.  I also grab a package of Granola Bars.  The first couple of nights I ate everything.  The last few nights haven't touched the Granola Bars.  As far as Weight Watchers goes fruit counts a 0 points so not a bad trade off.
  • As far as recipes go this week I tried a Biscuit for our Tuesday night Breakfast for Dinner and it was a great hit!! Somehow I lost the recipe I actually used but found this one and have it on my Breakfast for Dinner Board  What made these Biscuits incredible was the "folding process".  Before you let the dough set-up/cool down you folded it into thirds, it is just prior to this that you add the bacon and cheese....OMG they were so good.  My batch yielded 12 biscuits each being 5 Points.  Seeing as I am still in the 40 points a day range I had 3 of these.  With my eggs and fruit salad I was definitely satisfied
Overall I'd have to say it was a pretty good week.  I know that in the very near future I am going to have to add some sort of activity but I'm just not there yet.
I'll leave you with this thought for now~


  1. Those biscuits sound so good. Keep going and you will get there. Glad to hear that WW really works. Congratulations on your success!!!

  2. Thanks so much for the support Farfalla ~ the biscuits were really good going to experiment with different savory fillings.


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