April 13, 2012

How could I do this to my teenager??

     To have heard the moans coming from my 18yr old this weekend you would have thought I told him we would no longer have running water in the house.  What could have brought on such cries of protest?  We didn’t cancel our TV subscriptions.  We were still going to have cell phones.  We were not moving.  If it wasn’t any of these life altering changes that had him in such dire straits what could it be?  It was the simple fact that we were going to continue our Easter tradition of coloring eggs and watching old Easter movies.  I know you’re all thinking what horrible horrible parents we are exposing our son to such demanding tasks.  We were actually asking him to spend the afternoon with the family! GASP
          Though he may not admit it he had a blast, as did we.  Tell me, when was the last time you watched The Easter Bunny is coming to Town with an 18yr old?  We still have our original copy which means it is on VHS. We definitely know almost every line and especially every song.  Watching the movie with a running commentary from a snarky teenager was an incredibly entertaining experience.  From Sunny (the bunny) pretty much taking over the town at age 1 to kids that never seem to age and let’s not forget about Hallelujah Jones hanging around a bunch of kids unsupervised ~nothing was left untouched.  Yes we saw this timeless treasure through new eyes this weekend and I’m pretty sure it was not what Fred Astaire had in mind when he provided the voice of the narrator.  Also I’m quite sure we never laughed that hard while watching it before!
          Shortly after the movie came the dreaded egg coloring.  Are you really going to do this? That’s so lame?  The torture I was going to expose him to~ someone call Child Services!!  Could someone explain to me how an unnamed 18yr old took longer than anyone else to color his eggs? Ever the perfectionist, his eggs had to be colored just so and have certain patterns.  Then came the comparison of the talent put into each eggs.  The fact that I chose to use stickers and other items to create patterns didn’t show creativity rather an inability to design without aids. Oh to have the ego of a teenager. 
          I have to be honest.  With graduation looming less than two months away I am having those “last moment” thoughts.  Is this his last Easter home?  When we will color eggs together?  I’ll admit that sometimes, only sometimes, I am even embracing those annoyingly entertaining self-centered moments of his.
Easter Eggs ~ do you like my use of stickers :)

**Pinterest moment: I baked my eggs instead of boiling them and they came out absolutely perfect! Directions here


  1. As a 21-year-old college senior, I'm telling you (from my own experience and from observing my friends) that no one appreciates their parents more than kids who have left home. Anyone wailing to get out of Easter traditions now will change his tune very quickly once he's out of the house. Don't worry, he'll be back, this won't be your last time celebrating traditions.

  2. He might have liked using the camouflage Easter egg dye I saw for sale this year ;-}

  3. Never fear! I'm 47 and my brother 40 and we still show up at our parents house, kids and spouses in tow, to dye eggs.

  4. DUSTY: The eggs are beautiful. We're glad you "forced" your 18 yr old to participate. HURLEY: When he's older, he'll cherish the memories of watching The Easter Bunny movie and spending time in traditions so special to your family.

  5. Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments. I am quite sure he appreciated the time and hopefully the memories but of course being 18 he couldn't make it easy :)

  6. LMAO! My 18-yr-old son put up the same fuss when we went to my parents' house to color eggs this year. My sister's kids were there, too, so he now blames THEM for how much fun he obviously had... can't just admit he had a good time... Nooooo! "Well I couldn't set a bad example for the young ones, Mom." - then he looks at me like *I'M* the fool... LOL!

    Andi-Roo /// @theworld4realz


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