July 26, 2011

One giant step forward, how many steps back?

I need to keep checking, this is America.  We are living in the year 2011. We proudly have a Black president.  Women have broken through most of the glass ceilings.
     Can anyone explain what happened in Arkansas? This past spring when the schools determined their students' final GPA's and announced their Valedictorian who would imagine that race would come into play?  A young woman earned the highest honor in her school yet because she was black had to share the honor with a white student! I had always thought Arkansas was one of the southern states that had come the farthest in terms of racial equality.  I just keep imagining the Clintons shaking their heads.
     How does this thing happen today?  How do we encourage our children regardless of sex, race or religion to strive for their best when there's a possibility that someone can change the rules at the last minute?  Isn't academics supposed to be the one area that is a level playing field?  While researching this further most of the articles were simply reposts of the original report yet a few mentioned that the student gave birth during her junior year.
    Excuse me!!! Are you telling me that while dealing with hormones, swelling feet, back pains and every other joy of pregnancy this girl continued to pull straight A's while in honors and AP classes?? I'm sorry Valedictorian doesn't even come close to what she has earned. 
     Kymberly Wimberly has sued the McGeeHee School District.  She seeks punitive damages for violation of equal protection rights secured by the 14th amendment of the U.S. constitution. My response: You Go Girl!!


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  2. My high school did the same thing to me and could never really explain why I had to share my moment (something I busted my tail to get) with three other students.

    I finally talked to one of my teachers after the ceremony and she said the school didn't want to have the attention on just one student. Well then what did I spend all my spare time studying for?

    My case is obviously entirely different from the girl mentioned in your post. Horrifying!

  3. Ack! Cut off part of my comment.

    And by horrifying, I mean obviously for her. What a smart girl. I hope she goes far.

  4. That is such a shame.
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  5. Hello Lady Bren . . . it is a pleasure to be following your blog!

    I'm amazed on a daily basis when I watch the news and hear these ridiculous stories. More and more I'm hearing the idea of doing without a valedictorian altogether because it makes the other students "feel bad".

    Whatever happened to being rewarded for achievement? And on the other hand, but off topic . . . whatever happened to consequences for bad behavior?

    Great post!

    Thanks for following my blog LaBelladiva :)

    Have a wonderful day . . . Gina


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