July 18, 2011

How Cheap Can You Be?

         Now I will openly admit to not being the most frugal person on the earth.  At the same time I can be pretty tight with my money.  However there are times when no matter how cheap I may be, even I would break down and pay for a babysitter.  So can someone please tell me when the tides turned and it became acceptable to bring babies to the movies????
          Once again I have sat in a major block buster movie and have had to endure the cries of a baby.  Now if I was watching the latest Disney or DreamWorks hit (and we all know I do go to them) not only do I expect to hear noisy kids I feel cheated if I don’t hear them laughing and reacting throughout the movie.  In fact one of my favorite movie experiences was during Disney’s  Brother Bear; having seen the commercial a million times all the kids in the audience chimed in when the bear said his name (this is the scene in different languages LOL)
     So today we went to see Harry Potter.  This is a two and a half hour movie and is rated pg-13.  At our theatre you can see any movie Mon – Thurs before 6 pm for $5.oo ~what a bargain!.  The movie was getting ready to start, all the previews are done and in walks a couple carrying an infant.  No stroller no car seat just them and their baby. I don’t care how well you plan nap time, we all know that baby is going to wake up during the movie and make his presence known.  And of course it will be during a subdued emotional moment.  Well our baby today did this not one but three times.  So in the safety of darkness, and really tall stadium seating, I called out~~ Get a babysitter!! What!?! I’m never going to see these people again, and they don’t know who said it.
     But come on, think about it.  You’d need a babysitter for what 3 maybe 3.5 hours.  Most teens would be happy with $20- $25 for that.  If you give up the movie popcorn and drink combo and that’s almost their entire fee right there. You only paid $10 for the movies.  Can't afford a babysitter? Then take turns and go with friends...... see simple solutions.
    I just don’t understand the whole thought process.  Yes it’s Harry Potter.  Sure you want to see it the first week.  But why do you feel that somehow your personal needs  wants are so important that who cares if your child ruins the movie for others.  UGGHH
      We were in Orlando when Avatar came out and the kids had to see it in 3D.  I think Michael almost died when we shelled out $75 for our 5 tickets.  Well just before the movie starts in walks a man with 2 children and a third in a stroller.  That’s right a stroller.  Now I’ll give him credit he sat down “out of the way” but REALLY??  Avatar, a three hour movie, a PG-13 close to R rated movie, is not the place for little kids. While he did his best to soothe them, walking a stroller back and forth during a movie….not cool. I did complain to the management and we were issued free passes for another movie; which made Michael happy as he felt that he had paid $75 for 2 movies.
     And while I'm on the subject if the movie is rated pg-13 or R why do you even have young elementary aged kids in there???  It blows my mind that parents then get upset that their precious kiddies just heard a few F bombs or saw nudity.  You may have grown up watching Land of the Lost but I’m guessing the movie version really isn’t what you remembered from Saturday mornings~ Nor is it something your 8 year old needs to see.  People do your homework and find out why a movie has a PG-13 rating!
          So here’s my royal world view on movies…..
IF you can’t afford a babysitter and the movie isn’t rated G…..STAY HOME with your baby!!!!!  We’ve all been there.  Sacrifices are simply part of parenting.  Let’s be honest, it isn’t rainbows and unicorns all the time. Just be thankful most movies come out on DVD a few months after they’ve hit the theatres so you won’t have to wait long. Plus microwave popcorn is sooo much better.


  1. Oooh, I love this, Lady Bren! Good for you for shouting in the theater! Bringing a baby to Harry Potter is just plain ridiculous and I agree: they should have gotten a babysitter! Perhaps they'll think twice next time in light of your comment!

  2. Thanks Samantha... can't say my hubby or daughter were happy but hey a Lady's gotta do what a Lady's gotta do :0)

  3. Wow - I can't believe someone brought a baby. How thoughtless of them. You did the right thing girl.

  4. I'm weighing in, too. Dedicated movie goers hate any disturbance - it really ruins the experience if you are an aficionado.

    I'm with you on the ratings as well. I cannot BELIEVE the inappropriate material some lunatic - or lazy - parents will bring their children to see.


  6. Enough said. :) Just returning the love from MBC.

  7. Bren,

    Thank you. We love going to the movies. And we shell out big bucks to do it. You made a great point, it is a lot of money to have to sit through a crying baby or whining kid. That said, I will complain.

    If there is rude noise coming from anyone, any age, I will complain.

    The only time I have exceptions is family movies and even then please take your baby or child out to the lobby until they are more quiet. But I have sat through kids getting up and making comments out loud, I find it amusing, in a kid movie setting.

    My friend and I went to see Cars with her 3 year old boy. He kept getting excited to see Mater (sp?), it was funny. But when he through a fit about more candy, she took him to the lobby.

    Rated PG 13 and R movies need to be saved for the appropriate audience.


  8. Lisa.Allie andMbc
    Thanks for the support... feel like doing a virtual high five. Just read a post on the same subject however the venue was the hair salon
    I highly suggest it~btw rated pg13

  9. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your nice note! I am so glad you posted this today! I cannot begin to tell you how many adult movies I have been to that have been ruined because of parents bringing babies. I started getting a refund from theatre management or a ticket good for another movie. Unfortunately, I have had to do this several times. I LOVE babies but they don't belong in the theatre.

  10. I agree kids should only go to kid movies, rate G!

  11. Live in MD and one theater allows babies on wednesday mornings only. Remember going to it when my kids were younger !! Hope thay still allow that. Hey you can pay more babysitting than for a movie ticket so ...." am all for babies in theaters"

  12. Ugh, I hate when that happens. You think you are going to be able to escape for a couple of hours and reality just keeps crying. There should absolutely be a rule about babies at movie theaters. I would never have even thought about doing that, not only because it's unfair to the other attendees but it's also unfair to the baby.

  13. well said. I don't know who rates movies anyway but some are way off. I can think of 3 that were questionable.

  14. "Sacrifices are part of parenting."
    Well said indeed!
    Following you back, and thanks so much for stopping by!

  15. This post is great! I am cheap as well! I love finding deals especially at the movies!

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  16. This post made me think: Do people really do that? Bringing their babies to this loud theater? What were they thinking? We got a 4-year old and did not decide to watch movies together at all, perhaps will bring her when she is ready (because she could not quiet her mouth while we're watching TV at home). How worst could it be at the movie? Oh, my!



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