April 28, 2011

My Royal Dilemma......

     Fair warning if someone posts a comment about recording or replays prepare to be whomped!!!

     What little girl hasn't grown up wanting to be a princess?  Why do you think Disney has repackaged their princesses into an entire line of their own.  Little girls (and let's be honest their moms too) love the idea of being royalty.  Wearing a crown and all the other jewels as well..... think of the princess diaries when Julie Andrews shows Anne Hathaway the room of gems what female's heart didn't leap just the teeny tiniest bit?  What about the clothes?  The pomp and stance?  The bowing and curtsying when you come and go?  Only being shown the beautiful side of life unless you choose otherwise?  If there's a woman out there who has said she never ever ever wanted to be a royal well feel free to not read any further.
     Now for the rest of you.....  How often do we get to see someone walk into a building as well a nobody and walk out a Princess??  NEVER it just doesn't happen.  Well that statement will no longer be true after Friday at 11am BST.  Minute to Minute Schedule tells us everything from when what guests arrive to the infamous kiss on the balcony. 
     Do you remember where you were Wednesday, July 29th 1981?  I most certainly do.  Back then we didn't have 9 million different channels or youtube or 24hour news replays.  We had to watch the wedding of Charles and Diana when they aired it.  The TV stations played it during the middle of the day pre-empting most soap operas.  I worked at Herber Plumbing and Heating that summer.  JoAnn Herber made sure her office staff ~ 3 of us including her~ celebrated this momentous occasion properly.  Champagne cocktails and a wonderful lunch.  I remember how much fun we had ohhing and ahhing when we finally got to see her dress.  The train oh that gorgeous train.  I'll admit getting a massively long train was a must for my own wedding dress...though it was no where near 25 feet.
     So when I learned of William and Kate's wedding I started planning.  Meg and I were going to get up early wear big beautiful hats and eat finger sandwiches.  It was all planned and even Food Network Magazine must have anticipated my plans as their April issue has a pull-out section with recipes for 50 Finger Sandwiches. 
    So what is my Dilemma?  I have a saying.... if it isn't in my planner it doesn't exist.  I didn't think to write the Royal Wedding in my planner.  I have all of the kids' activities in there, all my doctor/therapy appts in there.  I don't know where my cognitive skills were or how I didn't make the connection but....
This Friday, the day I was getting up to watch all the festivities start at 3am, is the same day I am driving to Mobile for Emily's Opera!  Mobile is a 6-7 hour drive.  My dear friend Jane is coming with me.  There is NO WAY in God's green earth that I can be up at 3am then drive/ride to Mobile and be completely awake for an Opera at 8pm!!!!
    The thing is I didn't even make this connection until last weekend.  I truly was despondent though my family was totally entertained.  We were driving home when I realized this and was just dumbstruck for a couple of minutes.  I actually called my daughter to see if there was a Saturday performance.  My message included things like.... does your school realize they did this?  don't they realize the importance of this day... Great mom moment huh.  She called back laughing but made it very very clear that her Opera wasn't an option.  Then I thought well I'll just drive down a day early and be in a hotel all day Friday so I could watch the wedding...I don't see why staying an extra night in a hotel should be a big deal.
    Of course missing Em's Opera was never an option but i had to vent in true Lady Bren fashion.  I have since shared my now diffused dilemma and cannot believe the lack of support I've received.  Did people really think I didn't know how to work my DVR??? DUH I know they are going to replay it for days.  They just didn't get it ... and they too seem as entertained as my daughter.
     Em was telling me how nobody at school even cared.  Well nuts to her because today campus life posted a Royal Wedding Event @ 3am so there.
    I just wanted to see the dress the first moment it was revealed.  See Kate walking down the aisle.  See the newly married couple walk out together.  And of course the kiss on the balcony.
I have resolved to seeing the end of the wedding and the kiss LIVE.  I will be heading to bed Thursday night by 9pm and have planned a nap Friday afternoon.

I am sure you too have been entertained by my dilemma.... Oh if my world was only real.....Remember I'm Royal so I would have been invited :0)
My crown..... proof of my Royalty

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  1. My sincere sympathy to your conflict. I just finished reading & reviewing Margaret Georges wonderful Elizabeth I and am totally into English Royals these days. :)


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