February 28, 2011

Saturday's Simple joys

I was really disappointed when 4:30 friday came around and it was evident that due to BC/BS dragging its heels I would be spending the weekend the glorious Orange Park Medical Center.  So finding the brighter side of life was the new challenge.   

Saturday was filled with simple pleasures.  Due to my swallowing issues I can only eat very soft foods andnot very much of those because I get tired eating. Ok side note~ now this happens in my life. NOW after I have gained so much weight I get tired while eating! Why I couldn't have developed this issue the same time I was developing a love for Panera's treats??  However, due to my very limited intake I do get scheduled snacks, a highly valued item here at OPMC.  In fact I get a made-to-order milk shake every afternoon at 3:00.  I have never been a huge milkshake fan until now!! (How I miss living near a Friendly's)

Saturday was also the first day I was allowed to shower!  I had to become stable with the walker before being allowed to do this so you know I was working my tail off Friday and Saturday at PT.  I think I just sat motionless for the first 10 minutes it felt so good :0)  Now remember I've mentioned how spoiled I was in ICU one of the things I do miss are the massages after being cleaned up.  That's right daily massages.  But that's ok nothing beats a shower.

Saturday, as the list continues, I also got to just hang out with Miss M.  She came up at dinner time.  I'll be honest watching her eat McDonald's (something I don't even like) while I had non-soft roast beef and vegetables did suck: translation- I didn't eat.  We played not 1 but 2 games of Monopoly.  While we have had various Monopoly games over the years the family favorite is Disney Classic. I just love owning Steamboat Willie and Robin Hood. Miss M is just so entertaining and filled with the weirdest, funniest antidotes.  You just need to check out her favorite You-Tube links on her facebook to fully grasp the strangeness that makes up Miss M,LOL.  Nails were painted, secrets shared along with heart to hearts about the reality of what my current condition means to our family.  Before we knew it Hubby was here to take her home, our 3 hours together just flew by.  I believe it is important to be honest and share this with you~~I kicked Miss M's butt in both games to which she was obligated to report to Hubby "Mom rocks" :0)

So Saturday's simple joys:
Chocolate MilkShake
Chilling with Miss M

Now here's the thing....these simple pleasures are available to us everyday (boy that sounded hallmarky).   And no matter anyway because these simple pleasures made my weekend incarceration that much better.


  1. Bren, I wish I was closer! Your sense of humor and ability to find the joys in your situation are a blessing and a challenge (one I appreciate). I love you!

  2. @whitetrndo I am sorry I just saw this comment...I am even more sorry in that I am not sure who you are LOL


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