February 26, 2011

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February 22~~Sunshine~~today I was outside for a little while being wheeled to my MRI and got to feel the warmth of the sun.  It felt so good.  Made me think of all things of a silly sunshine charm we bought for Miss M's bracelet this time last year for her Mexican song at DA's Extravaganza.  Sunshine means my garden will be getting ready for some tender loving care.  Thank you god for the warmth and love of the sun

February 23~~~JELL-O~~~sing it with me...Watch it wiggle, see it jiggle. Cool and smoothy, Jello brand gelatin. Of all desserts you'll love the one that tastes so lights and makes such fun. Make Jello gelatin and make some fun. J-e-l-l-o!! Good job...
So they keep checking my blood sugar and it has to be between 55 and 145.  Last night after dinner it was 45...due in part to a messed up dinner order as roast beef is not considered a soft food duh!So as they were getting ready to start a diabetic procedure one nurse suggested a snack and brought out Strawberry Jell-O. Lo and behold my numbers went up to 90!  So Jell-O truly saved the day.  It got me thinking about when my older two were @ Tynes and a couple teachers nicknamed me the Jell-O Queen.  If I could make a theme snack for the kids' lesson that week I did and I loved having fun with them...think that is when Miss M became so good at being bagged and dragged as I bribed her with Jell-O LOL.  Thank you God for food that wiggles and makes us smile!

Thursday February 24~~~Let's face it I am young to be on the stroke floor so having a woman in her 80's as a roommate is no big surprise.  Ms. Theresa has no clue where she is half the time and has actually crawled out of her bed at least 4 times just today.  She is unable to call for help herself so I have spent most of the last 30 hours keeping my eye on her.  Last night after she fell out of bed again and truly believed someone was coming through the window to get her the goal simply became to get her calmed down and rest (OK I really wanted to sleep too as it was around 4 in the morning). The nurses were trying different attempts with minimal results.  Someone then remembered Ms Theresa had the TV on all day,it was  muted and she'd just sit watching from time to time.  So what calmed her....the hospital's newborn channel.  That channel now stays on all the time.  I'll pull the curtain back and not often but occasionally I'll see her smiling at the babies on TV.  What she's thinking. where she is going who knows but I do know that for maybe only moments at a time the smiles of babies calms her...How simple...maybe that is what we need at the UN...rooms full of giggling or peaceful sleeping babies that all the world's leaders have to walk past on their way to any negotiations....so Thank you God for the miracle of Babies and the peace and joy they bring to our lives amongst the crazy and busyness of our world.

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