February 25, 2011

Day 7

i am not a big journaler and actually envy those who are.  I had started writing a note of thank yous on my fb page and a friend suggested that blogging would work better so we will see

So here we are Day 7

Friday February 25, Alarms
     We are going to start today with a music theory lesson.  There is a style of music whose name escapes me (we'll blame the stroke for now) In this style of music you have an instrument playing a consistent rhythm. You then introduce other instruments one at a time each with a different [rhythm and you have a wonderful piece of music enjoyed especially by Grace Music and Arts campers many a summer,,,,,,,,,,,,this does NOT apply to alarms.
Starting with an adante beat of 4
first alarm...this is low so think of a hippo yawning and he holds this for 2 beats so
1-2 rest rest
1-2 rest rest (so 2 beats of yawning followed by two beats of rest) for you music aficionado a half note followed by a half rest

Now we are going to add a beaver whose tail is being stepped on for 2 half beats on 3 and 4 so now you have:
Hippo~ 1-2 rest rest
Beaver rest rest 3 rest 4  rest
again music peeps: 1/2 note 1/8 note 1/8 rest 1/8 note 1/8 rest

sounding fun.... oh no we are not done

heres come a chicken using lamaze to lay an ostrich sized egg
1 & 2 & 3 rest rest
5 1/8 notes
So put them all together and you realize that in all of this there is a half beat of silence in this glorious master piece

How was I able to come up with this???????????? My roommates 3 alarms went on for over 30 minutes.  Our nurse and cpt were dealing with an emergency and I guess all the other medical personnel on the floor had emergencies also.  I'll admit during this time my alarm may have gone off a few time ~ my heart monitor that is, wonder why???

So am I thankful for Alarms.....no for Noise Reduction Headphones!!!!!  Which I will be wearing to bed

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  1. I like to go to a first post and read how, why or what it was that got a blog started. Wodnerful to hear that you are doing well after a stroke. I wish that I was more musically talented...but those genes skipped my mom and also went from my hubby to our kids. so, I am loving and enjoying their musical talents :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    So nice to meet you. I am following now at #43...will go and check out your fb page. (Perhaps post a link to your facebook page from your blog on the sidebar...or maybe you do, but I didnt see it.)


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