April 18, 2014

Victoria & Albert Part II #25Anniversary

Welcome back to Part 2 of our 25th Anniversary Dinner in The Victoria Room at Victoria & Albert's Restaurant.  Fair warning you might not want to be hungry when you read this.

If you've visited here before you may well know that Tuesday is Breakfast for Dinner at our house.  How wonderful of Chef Scott is bear that in mind while preparing our dinner Tuesday!

The simple description leaves so much out of this incredible course.  The poached egg was cooked inside of a ravioli! I have been trying to figure that out for days.  I'm not a big foam person but is does present so beautifully.  Underneath the Ravioli was a bacon and vegetable succotash.  I asked for an extra piece of bread to sop all of the egg/succotash mixture up.

Onto the Meat Courses

I was really excited about trying the Caraway Vinaigrette and it didn't let down. The Bison was so tender you truly didn't need the knife accompanied with Brussel Sprouts and purple potatoes.
The Australian Kobe-Style Beef  was prepared as a short rib (right) and tenderloin (left). The sphere in the upper left was full of surprises. It is made of potatoes crusted with panko crumbs with a hidden piece of bison inside. The micro green are provided by Farmer Lee Jones, known to many for his Chef's Garden.

Next came the Cheese Course, and like everything else presentation is everything.  After placing the Honey and Brie on our table Sharon wheeled over the Cheese Trolley.  With full descriptions of where the cheeses were made we were asked if we would like to taste them all ~~ YES PLEASE
Last time we dined at Victoria & Albert's I wrote about how we were so impressed (as most of the guests are) with the Coffee Service. While the tea was of course glorious it wasn't as special as the coffee ~ not anymore.  Disney had a Tea Brewer to match the Cona Coffee Brewer.  Science at dinner, Prince Albert would be proud. 
Fruit is the prescribed 9th course.  Master Pastry Chef Erich Herbitschek treated this course differently than expected.&nbspwith this beautiful apple based course. Apple Quark Panna Cotta sits upon a thin almond cookie. Three champagne soaked sponge cake bites. Poached apple slices sit on a cranberry cherry veil. The sugar sculpture was sprinkled with gold flecks.
What better way to end a meal than with chocolate!?! The Peruvian Chocolate Timbale is decorated with 24K gold!  A chocolate ribbon connects the Timbale to Roasted White Chocolate Gelato.
Just when you believe you can't look at anything more Scott brought out this beautiful wooden tray covered in various chocolate and candy treats.  We each chose five, which we wound up having boxed to enjoy later. Starting at the top of the plate my choices were a Brandy soaked Chocolate Covered Cherry, an Orange Mimosa Truffle, a Chocolate Gingered Orange Rind, a Banana Foster Truffle, and a Passion Fruit Gelee.  Though I can't prove it I believe there was a full shot of alcohol in some of the candies.

A special treat for Victoria Room guests is getting to meet Head Chef Scott Hunnel.  He was sweet and very engaging, asking which dish was our favorite and why.   I told him how excited I was that we had a different presentation of the Lamb that I had seen online and he explained it all depends on his mood when setting the menus whether it is served hot or cold.

I can't imagine a better way to have celebrated this glorious occasion. Now I just need to come up with a reason to book us in the Chef's Table!!
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