April 1, 2014

Returning With A Rant

So have you missed me?  Life's been a bit crazy since I last wrote. However before I share what's been going on I thought I'd re-enter with one of my favorite blogging activities~ Ranting
Ladies and Gentlemen if you need validation on your believes why in the world you turn to Hollywood? Can someone please explain to me why people like Glenn Beck and Martha MacCallum are so offended when Hollywood creates ENTERTAINMENT based on anything biblical.  
Warning Spoiler Alert Ahead 
Hubby and I saw Noah on Saturday.  We live in what I believe most would agree on calling a Tea Party, Right Wing, Ultra Conservative County.  Despite the rants of the media hounds calling for all Christians to boycott this ungodly movie, the theatre was packed
Ok let's get a few things straight.
1. Darren Arronofsky, Oscar nominated director of the Black Swan, never claimed to be making a documentary on Noah.
2. There are only 3 chapters in the Old Testament on the entire Noah story.  There you will find two versions of the Noah story;  Muslim tradition offers a third. Definitely not enough verbiage to complete a script.
3. The movie, put out by the Paramount Studio, offered a disclaimer on February 28th in conjunction with the National Religious Broadcasters:
"The film is inspired by the story of Noah.
While artistic license has been taken, we believe that this film is true to the essence, values, and integrity of a story that is a cornerstone of faith for millions of people worldwide.
The biblical story of Noah can be found in the book of Genesis."

People there are what Hubby called "Rock Transformers" in the movie. Now I am not a religious expert of any measure but I'm quite confident you won't find these in any version of the story.  These "Watchers" are actually fallen angels who help Noah build the ark and defend him against the hoards that attack when trying to escape the flood.  I highly doubt even the youngest of viewers who were brought up with the Biblical tradition of Noah would believe these creatures existed. 
Here's what I applaud when movies such as Noah, The Divinci Code, and The Passion of Christ are made ~ The conversations they create.
If any movie, or even a book for that matter, opens up a channel for religious conversation what can be wrong about it?  Just as I don't use Starbucks for my political center why would I use a piece of fiction for my religious thermometer?  However, if a piece of fiction is going to be a gateway for thoughtful conversation, whether political or religious why wouldn't I use it?  If the DaVinci Code made millions of people look at art in a new way or possibly for the first time, then I applaud it.  If anyone sincerely lost their faith over Dan Brown's assertion that Christ was married to Mary Magdelene and DaVinci's supposed portrayal of that in his Last Supper, you have to wonder not only how strong their faith was in the first place but what it was based on as well.  Every Christian, and there were many, I know who read the book enjoyed it without any damage done whatsoever to their faith.
I'll leave you with these two thoughts:
1. If people believe that biblical themes are off limits to non-religious creative entities than I pose this question~
Why is it okay to keep creating new versions/translations of the Bible?  
Isn't there a quote about how something gets lost in translation?
2. I think that it is hard for some who hold the Bible and all of its stories to be true to understand that for many Noah, Jonah and other such narratives are simply fables akin to Cinderella and Robin Hood and as such are open to retelling as the narrator sees fit.
Have you seen the movie?  What are your thoughts?
Remember to Always Be Glorious
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