July 15, 2013

Losing Fat Loving Food Fridays July 12th

Well there was no Weight Watchers last week due to the July 4th holiday so last night was the results of two weeks.  I was hoping to break even.  Between an unplanned vacation with glorious meals and a week of eating the holiday food I had bought previous to our unplanned trip I definitely  didn't remain inside my point allowance.
***Sorry I forgot to hit the publish button which is why this is posting on Monday!
 Well I'll be honest my indulgences were a bit too much and the scale moved in the wrong direction resulting in my gaining 0.8 pounds.
You might expect me to be a little disappointed however I'm too happy to let the scale bring me down.  As you know I've been struggling with seeing results outside of the scale and today I finally can say I believe my body is showing the results of my hard work.
     Tonight Hubby and I went out for dinner and I wore the dress from Sonny's Graduation party (June 2012). Guess what people IT IS BIG, not oh this is a bit loose big but rather I need to either buy a new dress or get this one taken in big.  So BIG that while walking around the Town Center after eating the dress was falling off my shoulders, so yeah I'm feeling pretty good.

  I haven't been experimenting in the kitchen much these last two weeks however I do want to tell you about some products I've been using that I absolutely love.  
The first I got free with a coupon to my favorite chocolate store, Harry and David's.  With any purchase I received a free relish, and like most I'm not one to pass up anything free.  They have a bunch of great choices for us to try and we decided upon their Sweet Onion and Pepper.  I used it Tuesday night in Omelets and it was wonderful.  
      The other item(s) we are particularly enjoying comes from Trader Joe's.  Every Thursday night, after Weight Watchers we have pasta.  I discovered Trader Joe's Ravioli's or as they call these items Trader Giotto's.  Each package has two servings and has averaged out to be 6 points a serving and as we don't eat much on weigh-in days we were quite satisfied with have 2 servings.  They have a variety of flavors our two favorites are Butternut Squash Triangoli and Goat Cheese with Sun Dried Tomato Ravioli.  The raviolis are so flavorful that they barely require a sauce.  Being ever budget conscious I cost compared them to speciality ravioli at Publix and BJ's.  Trader Joe's came out the winner in both comparisons.  Unfortunately Trader Joe's site doesn't have a link to each of their products which is why I don't have a picture for you.
So sweeties until next Friday ~
Always be Glorious
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  1. Congratulations on improving your health!
    It's such a great feeling to see your hard work paying off. Good for you!

    1. Thanks Gina
      It is a great feeling, wish it was enough to carry me through every craving moment but I'll take what I can :)

  2. I love Weight Watchers! I need to go back to it. This time I will enlist the Hubbie to go with me. I will have to try that relish from Harry and David. Great idea to put it in an omelette. I did weight watchers several times. I gained the weight back only because I didnt continue.

    1. Veronica do it!! Having Hubby go with me is a big plus. I can't say he counts points and such but it has at least made him more aware. Let me know if you join, and you'll love the Relish@

  3. WhooHoo ... Congratulations! The way your clothes fit (or in this case don't) matters so much more than what the scale says. And, what you can't measure in either clothes or on the scale, is how much you are improving your health. Well done! :-) My mom adores Trader Joe's raviolis ... she says they are the closest she's ever come to the homemade version. My grandmother (Italian) was a fabulous cook and her "ravs" were so delicious. So saying that Trader Joe's comes close ... well, that's quite an endorsement!

  4. Thanks sweetie, if your Mom gives Trader Joe's that much of an endorsement then I know I'm onto something good.


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