July 3, 2013

Getting some Rants out of the Way

It has been a while since I've stood on top of my soap box.  I've stored up 4 rants covering movies, Facebook, and Triberr.  So grab a drink and get ready to fight the good fight, well at least in our little royal world.
 #1   Some of you may be experienced enough to remember when smoking was permitted in  movie theatres.  Depending on where you sat you may have watched your movie through a haze due to all the smoke.  I forgot how annoying that was until I sat behind a smoker while watching World War Z last week.  Now granted the gentleman was smoking what I'm guessing was a water vapor cigarette, however watching that cloud rise in front of me was so distracting.  The blue electronic glow from his cigarette moving back and forth added to my annoyance.  He obviously thought what he was doing wasn't permitted as he hid his device whenever an employee walked through.   We spoke to the manager afterwards and he explained that there isn't a law though they do ask patrons not to smoke.
     ~People have we really gotten so self absorbed with our own personal wants, NOT NEEDS, that we no longer care about those around us.  OK I giggled a bit a bit when I wrote that as if it is a new though.  I guess I continue to be amazed at people's self-centered-ness. I'm so glad that you puffing on your electric cigarette is supporting your habit but HEY IDIOT you're still putting toxins into the air that I AM BREATHING.  The Center For Tobacco Control believes e-cigarettes should be included in clean indoor air policies.  Curious about the laws where you are click here.

#2  Secrets are OKAY!! There are times in our lives when I believe we are supposed to keep secrets.  Surprises, very often are what surrounds our greatest memories.  Major KUDOS to William and Kate for not finding out the sex of their baby.  I do get the idea behind finding out if your bundle of joy is a boy or girl, we only found out with our second baby.  BUT I've drifted from my point.  WHY please someone tell me WHY does today's youth, young adults, 20 somethings find the need to share every moment with everyone.  Buying an engagement ring and posting that on Facebook~ NOT NECESSARY.  Everyone knows and expects an announcement in the near future.  Why would you announce to the world you've purchased it???  Do you really think SHE didn't see it.  Ask a pregnant woman near her due date what it's like when people comment about her still being pregnant.  That is what you've done to your gal.  Anytime someone sees her they're wondering did he ask yet?  There are people who are going to ask to see the ring, whoops she doesn't have it yet.  SECRETS LIKE THIS ARE OKAY.   Took this as a life lesson and told my son DO NOT DO THIS!!!
  #3  I am sick and tired of people who are absolute cowards thinking they are all that by posting cryptic messages on Facebook.  I am tired of people pretending. I am tired of people believing that by posting a message on FB about you, but not tagging you, this somehow counts as communication, and by the way the name calling is a really enticing  motivation to reach out to you. And finally, I am tired of putting myself out there sincerely only to be considered part of your world if I initiate the conversation.

#4 ****Unless you are a member of Triberr you're not going to get this.  The people who need to read this won't but sometimes preaching to the choir feels oh so good.  Everyone who joins Triberr is there to promote their blog.  When we decided to participate in this concept of mutually benefit promotion we joined a Tribe.  Some tribes have rules that require you to share EVERY post written by other members of your Tribe.  Other tribes are much 'more flexible in their guidelines.  HOWEVER there is not one tribe out there that exists for the sole purpose of promoting your blog.  I know you believe that your blog is the hottest thing out there.  Well unless you rate with the likes of The Blogess and why would you be on triberr if you did, reality is your blog IS NOT all that!  I am done sharing posts of others who refuse to play nice.  You don't have to share my posts, I get not everyone loves what I write.  BUT when I look at your stats and it shows that you haven't shared ANY posts from our Tribe, you're done.  What irks me even more are those bloggers who feel they're above sharing any posts from any tribe, yes we all see that in your stats.  I am beyond grateful for every share I get.  I know that my blog is growing because of the faithful tribes mates aka friends I have on Triberr.  I am so thankful that Dan and Dino created this community where people can exchange ideas and help each other reach goals.

Wow that really really felt good.  Have you been storing up any rants lately?  Please do share, I'm done with the soap box

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