July 14, 2013

I've Got What?!?!?!

Growing up I had most of the common childhood ailments.  The three biggies were rememberable mostly due to their timing; Chicken Pox for the start of 5th grade, Mumps for Christmas and Measles for Easter.  Scarlett Fever, Fifth Disease, Hand and Foot Disease, Whopping Cough I know all about those as my kids' have had them.  But Punctum Crocodilius aka P.C. nope that's a new one by me.
Trust me you do not want to get this, here's what I know:
While most common in those older it is not age related and can be seen in the pre-school set. P.C. usually occurs during the summer months though can be seen as early as spring if the weather is warm. The usage of barriers determines extent of condition.
     Dermatologists agree that exposure to the sun is the cause.  Like Skin Cancer the only way to avoid P.C. is to constantly use sun block and be wise in your choice of foot wear.  According to Dr. S. Jadeus from the Biology Department at MU , it is not uncommon for those who spend hours outside in their garden to develop P.C.
     The treatment is relatively easy though does take time for the discoloring to fade.  Thankfully I am not experiencing any discomfort whatsoever though in extreme cases of exposure blistering can occur.    
      Here's a pic of what I'm suffering through~    
So have you figured it out?   I have serious tan spots from wearing my crocs while working in the garden L:) Punctum Crocodilius is Latin for spots of croc(adiles).  As for the age thing have you ever seen anyone between  the ages of 5 and 40 who would willingly wear crocs or admit to it? I could have prevented this if I wore socks with my crocs but that's not going to happen.  If you follow the link for Dr. Jadeus you'll find his credentials quite entertaining :) 
Hope this made you smile
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