July 19, 2013

Losing Fat Loving Food Friday July 19th

As you know I start writing my LFLF posts on Thursdays before weigh-ins. I'm not really sure how tonight's going to go as most days this week were filled with me being tired and sore ~thanks Chronic Fatigue.  Despite knowing better I munched my way through the middle of the night achy moments.  But there is good to share and a NEW RECIPE that is gonna knock your socks off...

I think the scales are a bit wacky.  Last week it had me gaining weight and this week losing big.  So I am officially down 56.6 pounds.

     I hope you've had the chance to read my post The Pile of Dresses.  I can't describe how great it felt to have clothes be too big.  To see dresses that I loved wearing, sitting in a discard pile.  To have my daughter tell me "that dress" was too big to wear out. 
     That is what this journey is all about.  Feeling better about how I look going out, which ultimately means feeling better about ALL OF ME.  So often I wonder if am I going to be the biggest person in the room.  As horrible as this sounds in the past I'd hope to see one or two people that I knew were bigger than me so I wasn't THAT person.  In reality chances are that I am still going to be the biggest person at some events for a while longer.  I don't know why but it truly doesn't bother me.  I know that owning that title is only temporary.  I know that I am NEVER EVER EVER going to be the smallest person in the room and I am beyond ok with that.  
Knowing that I am working towards a goal that ultimately is all about me, my future, and my health as well as knowing that this will be a lifelong struggle doesn't feel as over-whelming as it used to.  
Onto the FOOD

I always tell the kids when cooking that you need to read a recipe at least 3 times before you start.  I can't tell you how many times I looked at the recipe for Breakfast Enchiladas on Tuesday.  It wasn't until 6:00 when I started cooking that I noticed the step "Refrigerate Over Night", I felt like Charlie Brown.  What to do?  I promised the crew a Mexican dinner for breakfast.  Out of necessity comes creation right?   I present my Roasted Pepper Enchilada Stacks recipe.
2 cups Roasted Red Pepper Sauce (recipe below)
4 Whole Wheat Tortillas cut into strips (I follow lines on tortillas)
1 Sweet Onion thinly sliced
1t canola oil
16 oz breakfast sausage
8 egg
Salt &Pepper
1/2 c shredded cheese

Heat oven to 350*
Sorry not great pics
Over medium saute onions in oil until carmelized (about 10 minutes) add S&P.  While onions are cooking in second pan cook sausage breaking apart into crumbles.  Remove sausage from pan, leaving behind enough oil to cook the eggs.   Beat eggs.  Add to pan, be sure the heat is not too high.  Allow them to set up but not cook completely, add S&P.  By now onions should be brown as well as nice and sweet.  Add them to the sausage, divide this 
Spray bottom of casserole dish with Pam.  Spread thin layer of Roasted Pepper Sauce.  Using sliced Tortillas line bottom of pan, try not to overlap.  Add half of the onion/sausage mixture to the pan spreading it out.  Cover with sauce.  Add a layer of tortilla.  Combine the eggs with 1/2 cup of the Roasted Pepper Sauce and spread on Tortillas, cover with 1/4 cup cheese.  Layer the remainder of Tortillas and top with the remaining Onion/Sausage mixture on top.  Spread sauce and cheese for last layer.

Cover with foil.
Bake for 20 -25 minutes.
This makes 8 servings at 8 PP+ each.  I served this with Strawberry Salsa (0 points) Teenage/Marine son was full at 1 1/2 servings. 
If you use reduced fat sausage the over all savings is less than 1 point so go for the good stuff.  FYI cooking 16 ounces of sausage will yield approx. 12 ounces of meat according to the Jimmy Dean.

Roasted Pepper Sauce:
I combined the equivalent of 4 Roasted Red Peppers, cilantro and salt in the blender ~voila sauce

So sweeties until next time
~Always Be Glorious
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