April 25, 2013

Losing Fat Loving Food Friday 4/26

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So can you guess what happened at weigh-in last night? That's right I lost another 2.4 pounds!! Bringing my total weight loss to 46.2!!
Do you like the graphic?  The wonderful people at sweetcomments.net made it for me!! Which proves it never hurts to ask, the worse anyone can say is no.  Please check out their site, all of their graphics are FREE!!

I have continued walking daily.  Though I think last week I over did it a bit, wow who would have thought I could say those words.  I walked in the morning as usual, then in the afternoon I decided to walk to an appointment during the hottest part of the day.  OK not the smartest thing.  It really didn't bother me until the next day when I could tell my body was not happy with my decision making paradigm.  I also started wearing my "boxer gloves" while walking.  Not sure that they make that big a difference but hey every little bit helps right.

     Now I'm going to share a secret with you.  I am jealous of my husband.  Not for the reasons you're thinking ~ men lose weight quicker than women ~because I am kicking his tail in that arena.  No, the reason I'm jealous of him is really petty.  One of the down sides of being a SAHM is just that you're at home most of the time, not surrounded by dozens of co-workers.  (Do you see where I'm going) Three or more times a week for the last few months he comes home very proud, as he should be, that someone came up to him and commented on his weight loss.  I WANT THAT REINFORCEMENT!!  See told you it was petty.  I've even run into a few people I haven't seen in months and they haven't said anything.
    OK that's enough whining for the week.....

     I want to share some of my recent food discoveries, the yummies and the failures.  

McDonalds Premium Wrap Grilled Ranch~ We had $2 coupons so Meg and I gave it a try.  First off they were much larger than I expected.  For 11 Points Plus I think they were okay, I found them to be very filling.  I am not a huge fan of fast food however if it is a choice between a hamburger that's 11 PP+ or the Wrap I'd go with the Wrap.  Good in a pinch.

Olive Garden Fare Seafood Brodetto ~  16.95  NOT WORTH THE MONEY or the 12 points.
 Had very little taste, though was better when I squeezed the roasted lemon on it.  While it looks like a nice sized portion it truly isn't.  You get only one piece of the toasted bread and the scallops were very small and tough. I misread and thought it was 12.95 as I would never spend that much on soup!

Sweet FROGS Frozen Yogurt ~ after putting 8 different flavors into the points plus calculator I can say with confidence that 4 oz of the fruit flavored yogurt is only 3 PP.  I love their toppings bar, lots of fresh fruit choices (0 points) they also have shaved chocolate which is sooo much better than sprinkles.  At only 42 cents an ounce you can enjoy this sweet treat for less $2

Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps (Buffalo Wing) There are some WW products that are only available at their stores, such as pretzel thins.  Last week Publix had S F Pretzel Crisps BOGO.  After Hubby and I devoured our bags on a long road trip I was dreading putting the info into my Food Tracking Diary.  Wasn't I pleasantly surprised to discover that the SF Crisps serving is the exact same points as a bag/serving of the WW Pretzel thins.  Not only can you enjoy these without having to find a WW store but, they're cheaper as well.  The box at WW has 4 servings inside as where a bag of SF has 7 servings ~ you just have to be responsible enough to only eat one serving at a time.

See this is one of the main reasons I am loving Weight Watchers.  I am eating real food all the time.  I can eat whatever I want whenever I want.  There are NO BAD foods or not allowed foods.  Do I always make the best choices ~ of course not, however I learn from my mistakes and move forward.  Every day, no rather every meal is an opportunity to start fresh.

So sweeties that's this week's fat and food life.  I still need to lose 5.8 pounds by June 21st to make my 52 pounds in a year goal.  While it seems I'm right on track I also know how easy it is for the scale to creep back up a little at a time.  But why stress over tomorrow today, right!!
Have a glorious weekend!

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