April 3, 2013

Fred and Ginger

     What images do the names Fred and Ginger conjure?  If you're over the age of 20 it should create visions of two incredible dancers from the days of Hollywood royalty and big production numbers. If you are under the age of 20 and you don't know who these people are yell at your parents for they truly dropped the ball. Though my daughter's first response was the Harry Potter twins as one is named Fred and they are Gingers (red-heads).

    Fred and Ginger are our newest Peeps.  Now I didn't lie to you yesterday when I said I didn't buy any new chicks and that is the truth.  When we purchased our bag of chicken feed we received 2 FREE S/R Rhode Island Reds.  Told you I didn't buy any new chicks.  Now if you recall S/R (straight run) chicks mean that they haven't been sexed. We do not under any circumstances want any Roosters crowing in our back yard.  With my luck both peeps will be males.  Which means that one of three friends (Helen, Paige or Christie) are going to receive free chicks in the next 4-5 months.
     In the meantime we are going to enjoy Fred and Ginger.  Aren't their names great? Hubby had a hand in naming them. He simply wanted to call them Red 1 and Red 2.  UM no so I started playing with other words for red.  Then I came up with Ginger as that's the current term for those with red hair and Fred is Red with an F.  So in all fairness hubby gets credit for inspiring their names.
     So now our flock is back up to 6.  To bring everyone up to speed, we originally 8 then we lost Duchess and Quinn which left us with the 6 Peeps.  All was good until we moved them into a larger temporary coop which wasn't as escape proof as I thought. So without going into the details we were down to 4: Merida, Sloan, Bambi and Carlotta.  Spot and Monk, both Barred Rocks, are in Peep Heaven aka no one's stomach.
     It has been so nice outside during the day I'm letting the Biddies hang out next to their older cousins.  It is really funny watching the Peeps try and figure out what these two little fluffs of feathers are.  The Peeps have even taken to resting where the two cages come together.  Last  night we watched them push and shove to see who could get closer.  I'm telling you it is easy to spend hours relaxing with a cold drink watching chickens they are so funny.
     So drop on by we'll grab a nice cool drink and relax by the Peeps!  
I promise you won't think I am crazy.


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