May 1, 2015

Must Have Movie App: RunPee

If you follow my blog you know a few things about me.  I love movies and I visit the restroom ~ often.  Those two things do not go together very well. That is until I found this great app.
I wish I could remember how I learned about this app but again if you've visited here before you also know I struggle with memory issues post-stroke.  I do know this I was using it before we saw it as a commercial at the theatres.  I've been using RunPee for a few months now and just love it.
Oh before I go any further this is a FREE App!!  It is sponsored by Myrbetriq (a bladder control med) and occasionally you'll have to wait a few seconds for their ad to play. 
This is a very easy app to use.  What I like to do is check out my movie on the app before we arrive ~ I'm usually loading the movie on the ride there as I don't want to be distracted during PREVIEWS!!.  

The movies are listed by release date and also include an averaged rating from Rotten Tomatoes.  For each movie there is a list of suggested peetimes.  There is also a summary of what you'll miss during a selected pee times and often they'll suggest which one is better to use.  Another thing I really like is their section: Anything after the end credits? They'll describe what, if anything there is to see as well as how long the credits run.

To use the app is simple.  Once you select your movie you turn on the timer. The next page that opens tells you when to start the timer during the opening titles.  During the movie your phone will vibrate, alerting you to a suggested pee run.  The app works in airplane mode which is great so there's no distractions from texts or calls.

The app is free and available for iPhone, Android and Windows

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