April 22, 2015

904 Life: Maple Street Biscuit Company

I always enjoy a good breakfast, anytime of day.  I also enjoy supporting local businesses.  When those two come together it is definitely something I'm going to tell you all about.
I recently read an article about the 5 hottest restaurants in the 904.  It isn't often a breakfast spot winds up on a list like that so I was on a mission to visit. 
As they like to tell their story Maple Street Biscuit Company was hand built right here in Jacksonville opening their doors November 8, 2012.  In the short 29 months they first opened their doors in San Marco they have already expanded to 4 locations around the 904 and one in Tennessee. They obviously are doing more than just baking great biscuits.
Hubby had a couple of days off so we decided to venture to San Marco and check out this.  Upon entering the store you immediately notice 3 things

  1. The smell of biscuits baking
  2. The chalkboard menus
  3. The table seating is designed for large family style dining.
I'm glad it wasn't very busy when we visited as it took a few moments to take in the menu board.  Sure they have paper menus but I'll be honest there's something about reading a chalkboard menu that just seems to get me more excited for my food. While I stood reading the menu over and over Hubby, who is always much quicker at these things, chose the Sticky Maple Biscuit (uggh there went one of my choices).  The cashier suggested trying The Five and Dime.  Not convinced a biscuit sandwich would be enough for Brunch Hubby also ordered a side of Hash Ups.  Instead of asking for your name when ordering the Question of the Day was "What was your first job".  
Long and narrow (it is San Marco) the restaurant has a very cozy feel to it.  Designed with an open kitchen the aromas are definitely part of the decor. The tables are large and intended for sharing.  It was fun listening to the Job Titles being called while waiting for our food, the previous month's question was the name of your favorite teacher.  

When our order was ready it became quite evident we'd be taking some food home.  Everything was wonderful.  Hubby's Sticky Maple Biscuit was incredible ~ though I'll be honest when he chose it I wasn't expecting to like the maple syrup as a condiment but OOHH so good.  The Hash Ups were cooked perfectly as I hate mushy potatoes and veggies ~ these were nice and crispy/crunchy.  My Five and Dime was more than I expected.  The gravy is something I would love to recreate but I know my limitations.  The drinks are coke products and I'm told their coffee from the local roasting company Red Leaf Coffee is to die for and ; as I don't drink coffee I'll just have to take the other customer's word.
While we were enjoying our food Carla brought over an order of Pecan Biscuits for us to enjoy (we wound up having them that evening). She spent time telling us the history as well as the commitment to community the business has.  She also shared a reason their biscuits are so yummy ~ they use Maple Syrup in them. (Oh now I get the name). On their website you can read the stories behind each store's operators and the vision they embrace.
Hours of operation are Mon~Sat 7am-2pm with additional Saturday evening hours of 5-9. They are not open on Sunday.

We have friends visiting soon and will most definitely be sharing this diamond with them.  One additional note: Hubby had our leftovers the next day and reports they were just as wonderful reheated.

Remember to Always Wear Your Invisible Crown
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PS sorry for the quality of picture as I've somehow lost my Nikon :(


  1. We visited the one in Chattanooga recently and had the exact same two things! Fun place and super people.

  2. Carla here! Thank you so much for stopping by and I'm so glad you had a great experience! I hope you see you again!



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