December 28, 2013

A Year in Review: Chicks, Movies, Books and More

I recently listened to 's third installment of the Bridget Jones' series, Mad About The Boy, which I highly recommend. I always loved how Bridget started and ended her day with tallies so I thought I'd follow her format and review 2013 similarly
    Start: 2                   Bought: 6                 Gifted: 2              Adopted: 1          Current Flock: 5

Garden Adventures:
Major Projects Planned: 3
Projects Successfully completed: 3
Crops Planted : 10
Crops Harvested : 7
Crops lost to chickens ~ more than I'd like to admit
Book Challenges:
Number signed up for: 5
Number completed:  4
Number of Books Read/Heard: 61
Favorite books read this year:
David Baldacci's Wish You Well

Total # of Movies Seen This Year: 49
# Animated Movies Seen: 9
Favorite Animated Movie: Frozen
Favorite Comedy: Heat
Favorite Story: Saving Mr. Banks
Favorite Action: Iron Man 3
Favorite Drama: Captain Phillips
Favorite Sequel: Catching Fire
Worst Movie (TIE): 
RIPD & After Earth

Weight Loss
Pounds Lost This Year: 35.6 
Total Lost: 65.2 Pounds

Lady Bren's Stats:
Posts Written in 2013: 112
Total Posts Written: 267
Page Views 2013: 34,707
Total Page Views: 71,725
I am so humbled by how many people have visited my blog.
Thank you so very much

I wish everyone a healthy and happy 2014
Remember Always Be Glorious
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