October 29, 2012

What more do you need?

I really do not understand drivers today.  Not too long ago I shared my bewilderment over the clueless folks I see on a weekly basis getting pulled over in school zones.  Today I have to add that well simply put some people are just plain STUPID.  
Honestly that has to be the reason because what more do you need than the sign above to make you obey the speed limit?   I can't even cut any slack because 3.5 miles later there's another sign warning you:

I have yet to pass though Waldo without seeing some idiot receiving a ticket!  The city of Waldo (it is so tiny calling it a city seems much) ranks as Florida's Worst Speed Trap according to National Motorists Association.  Personally when driving through this town I go 5 mph below the speed limit, I do not change lanes unless I have to and if I do my signal is on before crossing lanes.  
This got me thinking though ~shouldn't we be driving this vigilantly all the time?  I'm not saying we should drive in fear of getting pulled over for the slightest infraction.  However shouldn't we be as cautious as possible at all times?  In no way shape or form can I say that I always obey the speed limit.  I'm a stay in the flow of traffic kind of gal.  I'll admit to having received a speeding ticket while driving through Emporia, Virginia years ago which I deserved but not at the rate the officer wrote, the worst part is I knew that was a speed trap area but it was late at night and well getting to NY for an emergency was heavy on my mind.  
I strongly believe that texting and driving should be illegal.  Not so sure where I stand on the cell phone issue if using a hands-free set.  Currently neither is illegal in the state of Florida despite multiple attempts to pass a bill. For some reason these bills continue to die after being read in the Transportation and Safety Subcommittee but then all are referred to the Economics Committee (gotta love politics)

So readers please please please I beg of you.  Should you have to travel on FL301 through the town of Waldo please heed their speed limit signs. You really don't want their favorite souvenir.

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