September 4, 2011

One of those S Curve days

   ( S-Cure:  traces the cyclical movement upwards and downwards in a graph. So named for its shape as the letter "s" Relates to growth and decline in the natural increase.  ~~ One of Meg's AP Human Geography Vocabulary Words~ Always trying to educate you dear ones LB)

Do you ever feel like your life is a replay of a Three Stooges movie? Welcome to my Friday.  I can't say it was a horrible day as after over a week of headache/migraines I finally kicked them.  And then I went to Publix.

     The first Friday of every month my kids have an incredibly long day.  After going to school all day they head to a different mega-church in our area for the monthly Youth Quake Live show.  While they are served Pizza for dinner before the show it is only two slices and they don't get those until 6pm.  So I make sure they have a sub or something like that on the way.  That means a trip to Publix.  So I got Meg from school and we headed to Publix.  Everything went fine, even found some great BOGO deals for the weekend.  Then I had to check out. 

     I felt like I was following a Three Stooges script verbatim.  We had gotten a fountain drink with our sub and enjoyed it around the store.  It was in the seat of our cart as we were loading our groceries onto the belt.  I guarantee I couldn't repeat what happened next if I tried.  Somehow by simply taking out the sub, also in the cart seat, I managed to rip the lid off the drink which then performed a 180* flip and land bottom side up exactly where it was first situated.  Amazingly I didn't spill a drop of soda on ANY of my groceries or me!!  Pretty impressive don't you think.

   Once we got the floor cleaned up and my groceries all bagged I reached into my purse to pay only to discover that my wallet was missing; I left it in my computer bag the previous evening.  That's ok Publix takes checks and once you are in the system they don't need your driver's license... oops that policy's been changed.  So here I am with a medium sized grocery order that includes ice cream and the subs for the kids' dinner unable to pay.  Did I mention I was shopping at the store by Meg's school and not my house!! 
** If you were keeping track that's three strikes and in less than 5minutes :0(  The poor check-out girls who has been so sweet to this point suggested that they would store my groceries in the back until I could return later with payment~sure I have time for that TODAY.  Thank fully the store manager (who cleaned up my mess) took pity on me and said I could call her from home with my license information.

  My day ended on a glorious high-note!  I received my first pot-belly historical collectible that I won on eBay.  AND as if I planned it as further proof for Thursday's post A Peek Into My Royal Roots... it arrived via Royal Mail.

My first Royal Pot Belly


  1. Wow - what a crazy afternoon - but I'm glad that adorable potbelly put a smile on your face!

  2. despite all the chaos, it seems like you handled it very well. at some point had i been on the receiving end of a day like this, i'm sure it would've resulted in a 911 call...

    fyi: this is the first time i've laid eyes on a potbelly.

  3. Fun post! Enjoying getting to know you.
    Your triberrmate,

  4. I hate having days like that.

    At least it ended on a high note!


  5. Definitely "one of those days"! Glad it ended so nicely. It can be very frustrating when you have days like this and they DON'T end nicely. (I would like to see the cup flip trick, though!) :)

  6. Oh, I hate days like that - and I don't think I've ever been slammed like that in a five minute period of time!!

    I'm so glad you had something GOOD happen when you got home.

    BTW, what was up with the rash of migraines last week? Sorry you had to deal with that also. They're terrible.

  7. Such lovelies
    It truly thrills me that I can use the craziness of my days for entertainment purposes :0)
    I've never seen pot bellys until a recent search on ebay. I was looking for crowns and you know how one link leads to another LOL


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