September 19, 2011

He only had time for the paying fans :0(

     Friday nights for my son, like most seniors equals Football!! Being a part of the school's Film Department that means being there early to set up cameras and such.  So as you can imagine I was a bit surprised when he came in the door at 4:45 saying that he was headed right back out with friends to Academy Sports.  Emmit Smith was at the store signing autographs. 

     Patrick and his friends were psyched to get a picture with Emmitt and hopefully his signature.  After waiting in line they were told that not only was Emmitt not posing for any pictures but he would only be signing copies of his new book, which they could purchase for $20. 

    Emmitt Smith for those of you who don't know was a UFlorida Gator, Dallas Cowboy, and winner of Dancing with the Stars.  After his football days he became a successful business enterpreneur in Dallas, TX and now he can add author to the list of his accomplishments.  With all of that being said I think it isn't presumptuous of me to say ~ the man is quite rich.

    When did "loving the fans" turn into "if you really love me show me the money"?  I abhore the paparazzi and believe that celebrities, athletes and such are entitled to their privacy.  However when those same people are out in public with the purpose of interacting with their fans how cheesy is it that they'll only smile for money?  The last thing my son and his two friends were intending to do was each spend $20 on Emmitt's new book and I guarantee you they won't be doing so anytime in the near future.

     I sometimes think when celebrities get to a certain point they truly forget where they came from.  Years ago the MLS Spring Training was held here in Florida.  We went down one weekend to see watch them train.  It was just like going to your kids' soccer game.  We set up chairs on the sidelines.  Chased after balls that went awry.  The players gladly posed for pictures whenever asked.  We had so much fun with the guys from L.A.  Galaxy invited our family to come back for another practice.  They even included our kids into their practice as I watched over their cell phones.  Weeks later they sent us a package filled with funs items.  Oh the players on that team wound up going to the world cup~ you might recognize the names Landon Donovan and Tim Howard.  My point is those guys were sincerely happy to interact with their fans. 

     Maybe celebrities like Emmitt Smith simply get to the point where they really don't need anymore fans like my son and his teenage friends when they have enough older fans who have deeper pockets. 

On a side note: not that it made a difference but my son was wearing his NJROTC PT uniform at the time. 


  1. That is sad that it happened to your son. It is a sad lesson in greed, but we hear about it all the time.

  2. I will never, ever pay money for a person's signature unless it is for divorce papers. Emmitt Smith sucks.

  3. I agree 100%. I always liked, not so much. Shame on you Emmitt Smith.

  4. I would send the link to this blog to him...

    I have to wonder if it was Emmit who set up that rule or if it is the people who manage him. Sometimes the greed comes from other people and not necessarily from the celeb himself.

    I totally understand why your son was disappointed though. That would have been a total kick in the gut...

  5. He seems like such a nice guy too...I have to think it would have been different had the situation been something other than a meet and greet over a book. Still I have seen where they autograph anything. Definitely a let down for the guys.

  6. Tssk..tssk.. tssk Emmitt!
    Blowing kisses to you Lady B... xoxo

  7. They have probably become jaded by the people who get an autograph just to turn around and sell it on ebay for a profit. It doesn't excuse that sort of attitude, but it may explain it. Shame on him for refusing a request from a kid.

  8. Well ladies thank you for the support. I have sent the link so we'll see if anything happens

  9. Ugh! I hate celebrities like that. So cocky and unrightfully so. I wish they would realize that not all their money comes from their paying fans and they need to learn to appreciate all of their fans, not just the rich ones.

  10. That is really too bad. Especially after they waited so long to see him! Some people just get too obsessed with making money. -Christine @ Why We Love Green

  11. I can imagine the disappointment. :-( My mom never gave well known people star status, she always said they are just people. I'm starting to agree with her. many do not deserve the level of fans and money they get. But there are those few that really did work hard, like Emmit. So young and old see him as a hero of sorts. It is sad that he has gotten to the this level of selfishness.


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