August 14, 2014

What To Say.... #RobinWilliams

I know I'm not alone in feeling overwhelmed with the news of Robin Williams' suicide.  Like many others I found myself crying for a man I've never met. 

Tuesday morning the media was filled with tributes and expressions of grief felt from many around the world.  The common discussion being people simply not understanding how a man who filled our lives with such touching moments could feel such intense despair to believe suicide was the only option left to him.  AND then the idiots spoke.  Those who believe because they've watched a couple episodes of Dr. Phil and possibly taken Psych 101 have something they need to add to the discussion. 
First off let me say this: REALLY you think what you have to say is so important it couldn't wait a couple days!!  Yes suicide is a scary subject but can we at least show a tiny bit of respect for the life that was shared before you tear it apart!!

 A well known christian blogger (who I won't even acknowledge lest he get another hit on his post) actually came out and said that Robin didn't die from the disease that depression/suicide is he died by choice.  Are you really that stupid!?! While I am the first to admit that the purpose of having a blog is to get our thoughts and opinions out there you have to also understand with that comes the potential backlash for when you post something stupid.  
My dear friend Paulette posted what is not only a perfect but brave response to this blog.  She graciously allowed me to share it here:
It's official! All the "want to be" professionals are coming out of the closet to talk about Robin Williams' suicide! The fact that I've dealt with depression for most of my life (hospitalized and medicated) doesn't make me an expert on the topic nor does it make *** one. Come on people!! Do you actually want to go down that road and start comparing notes when it comes to something as serious as mental health. Do you really think you can understand from a nonclinical perspective or a blog post what someone is going through who chooses to follow through with taking their life!! Just for the record, some people (myself included) who contemplate suicide seriously, actually think they're doing their loved ones a favor. Hell, the deeper you go into the rabbit hole the more it becomes your reality, especially when there's a chemical imbalance! It actually starts to feel like a much better alternative. When you're that far gone, there's simply nothing rational about your thoughts let alone your decisions! Just in case anyone is interested, this is exactly why many people (yep, including myself) don't open up and share, especially with the "Christian community". Don't even get me started talking about postpartum depression! I guess ** would know a thing about that too!

I am here to tell you that his suicide scared me.  Here's someone who has access to and has sought help from the best there is AND he couldn't find a way to overcome his depression.  It scares me because mental health isn't a priority in this country, how many people who need help can't access it.  Unlike any other disease it is hidden away, something to be ashamed of.  We joke about people being "off their meds" as if the fact they're on medication is something to be ridiculed.  All the Joy in the world (as the blogger suggests) isn't going to overcome chemical imbalances.  Believing that your faith will heal your depression is tantamount to telling a blind person their faith will restore their sight.  
My heart is broken.  I can't even think of watching his movies.  I want to leave you with two things.  The first is a clip of Robin visiting our military stationed in Kuwait and his response to an unexpected event

The second is this number.  Please share this on your facebook, twitter, pinterest, everywhere.  But more importantly if you need help please please call
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