August 3, 2014

Genealogy Can Be So Cool #ancestry #salvationarmy

OK let's be absolutely clear when it comes to genealogy I am an extreme amateur.  However I can also be like a dog with a bone.  Truth be told I've stayed up way too late this past week playing on

There are times in your life when you just have to sit back and say... How Cool Is That?  And tonight was definitely one of those times.   You see I've never spent much time on my family's tree.  My mother was a foster child so that's a dead end right there. Every time I've tried following my paternal grandfather's roots I just seemed to hit dead end after dead end.  Unlike when I do Hubby's family and discover they served alongside George Washington!! Which means time needed to work on Son/Daughter of the American Revolution applications.
Back to ME: My paternal Grandmother's tree is full of ministers which makes me wonder did Em even have a choice to go into ministry or was her DNA coded for it (OK science people I know that's not actually possible ~ just go with it).  The fact that they were Baptist Ministers and that's where she's probably going to wind up again just seems a bit preordained.
Earlier this week I made a break through on my paternal Grandfather's side which has been so exciting. I am so British people I should be having Tea Time daily.  While on one of those rabbit holes we all find ourselves down while doing online research, I found a Salvation Army (both grands were officers) historical website. Well tonight I discovered that there are Officers serving in the Salvation Army with both of my paternal grandparents' names!  That just blows my mind.  Knowing that somehow despite the family line ending with my father there are other Stars(made up name people) not just serving but Majors in the Salvation Army in Canada.  I sent a request hoping to connect to them but I'm sure they're incredibly busy and who even knows if my request will get to them. 
I then thought just for giggles let me try my Grandmother's name + Salvation Army.  Well that just resulted in pages of Google results.  White(again not real name) not only is a major player in the Salvation Army but also acknowledged by others in his fields for excellence.  
I foresee lots of time being spent doing further research and hoping to connect with distant cousins.
Have you ever researched your family
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