April 20, 2015

Movie Issues (minor Rant) and Review: Home

Yesterday we saw Dream Works latest animation Home.  We also saw people behaving like idiots and a preview for a movie even Hubby won't be seeing.

First things first ~ Home 
Starring Jim Parsons, Rhianna and Steve Martin, Home is definitely one of those animated movies written for kids but with their adult escorts in mind.  The movie was released March 27th so we were a bit late in seeing it.  Surprisingly our theatre, which was filled on a rainy Sunday afternoon, contained an equal amount of childless parties as though with kids.  There were a number of moments during the movie when only adults were laughing (not something that always happens at animated movies).  
Dream Works did something very different during the year leading up to the movie's release.  The previews actually were the back story to the movie that never appeared during the movie! I'll be honest I kept thinking the scenes would pop-up during the movie but they didn't!  
 The Boovs are the invading aliens that change colors according to the emotions. They re-locate the humans to Australia so they can live in peace (hiding from the Gorg).  Tip (Rhianna) is separated from her Mom (Lopez) and left alone with her cat named Pig. Oh (Parsons) is unlike the other Boovs ~ he thinks for himself and just wants to have friends.  The two meet and eventually Oh agrees to help Tip find her mom; just as soon as they fix his latest mistake that is.  
This movie has life lessons in child friendly format. I just loved Steve Martin as the leader, though the character felt a bit too much like King Julien from the Madagascar franchise. Jim Parson's voicing Oh was fun; it surprised me how many young kids recognized him from The Big Bang Theory.  Rhianna was great as a teen and Jennifer Lopez as Mom.  I felt it was a bit too much that EVERY song in the movie was sung by Rhianna except one that was sung by Lopez.  
My Grade: B

Now onto My Movie ISSUES (aka minor Rant)
Pretty much everyone knows that if a start time is listed at 4:00 your movie isn't starting until 4:15 with all of the preview and commercials.  I understand that there are some people out there that do not like previews (though I cannot relate AT all).  
But here are some simple facts those late comers need to know:
  1. The overwhelming majority of people arrive before a movie's start time.  
  2. These patrons find their seats and get settled in with drinks and popcorn while the lights are still up. 
  3. Usually the theatre fills from the center then out and down.  
  4. People tend to prefer dead center seats or aisle seats
  5. Most people don't want to sit in the first few rows and arrive in time to guarantee they won't have to. 
Just because you arrive late to a movie (after posted start time and during the previews counts as late)  does not give you the right to expect people to accommodate your preferred seating choices.  I just love when a family of 4 starts asking different people to move down so they can all sit together.  "There's two seats here and if you move over one and the next family moves over we can sit together" ~RUDE.  Hubby likes to arrive early to the movies so we've almost never had this problem.  

Just about every theatre today has handicap/wheelchair  seating arrangements.  The idea is that not only can a person in a wheelchair see the movie without transferring or being in the aisle but that their companion can sit with them as well.  When a family brings in their handicapped child they should not be expected to "park" their child next to  strangers and sit elsewhere.  It amazes me how rude people are.  I get it that you may like that seat but have a tiny bit of compassion.  Sadly while researching this I've learned that it is a common problem.  I can't imagine staying in my seat and watching a family push their crying child out of a movie theatre because I wouldn't give up my seat.  Again I am a big preacher of getting there early to get the seat you want but I do think it is within reason to expect that if you arrive accompanying a wheelchair guest before a movie starts you should be able to sit with that person.  On one site a family shared that they have simply started asking that a manager accompany them into the theatre in hopes of not having to leave due to someone else's selfishness.
 Next Movie:
Hubby wants to see Age of Adaline ~ April 24
Disney's Monkey Kingdom April 16 ~ Love Disney Nature Films
Previews ~ 6  Including 2 New Ones
The links will take you to the movie's official trailer on YouTube
Inside Out ~ June 19th ~ Disney/Pixar 'nuf said
 NEW  Max June 26 ~ Looks great but about a Marine dying so NOT
Minions July 10 Did you know Sandra Bullock is in it!!
Underdogs ~August 14 (if they fix the syncing of Spanish to English maybe)
 NEW Hotel Transylvania 2 ~ September 25 ~ first was cute so maybe
Remember to always wear your invisible crown
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