January 26, 2014

I Am So Not Going To Win Mom of the Year

I never claimed to be Carole Brady, Margaret Anderson or Marion Cunningham but this is a new low for even me:  Dear US Marine Corps, could you take my son sooner then planned? 
   Worst Mom ever, right?  Well guess I am finally proving my in-laws right, I'm a self-centered beyotch.
     Here's the deal.  As you know we've been in waiting mode for over a year as to when my son is going to leave for Boot Camp.  When everything was approved in December he was given the ship date of April 14th.  We also knew that he would probably ship before then because he is the first alternate should anyone drop out.
April 14th. April 14th.  
That date is highlighted on every calendar I have. 
Here's where I become a nominee for worse Mom~~~
     Tonight I asked if his recruiter thinks he'll be shipping in February.  "Probably", he said "but if not I'll ship April 7th. Oh Yeah we had the date wrong it isn't April 14th it is the 7th."

That's only one week difference how could that matter?  Here's why that matters:
     Our 25th Anniversary is April 8th.  We have plans and reservations starting April 6th in Disney.  I know what you're thinking ~ Change your reservations.  This is NOT AN OPTION.  We are returning to Victoria & Albert and are seated in the Victoria Room for a 10 course meal on April 8th.   I made this reservation in October because they book out 6 months in advance.  On the 7th we planned to spend the day in the parks ending with dinner at Be Our Guest, in Cinderella's castle. Remember in addition to my delusions of Royalty I have Disney Issues, we did just talk about this the other day, please keep up ~ thank you.
     Yes we could change plans and drive to Orlando after he leaves the morning of the 7th instead of Sunday the 6th. But come on would you really be in a celebratory mood knowing your son has just left for 13 weeks of hell at the University of Paris Island, USMC.  Unlike the Army or Air Force they are not allowed cell phones.  They are allowed to have two things with them when they leave: $20 (for dinner at Golden Corral) and their social security card.  They are allowed one phone call when they arrive and with my luck we'd be somewhere  in the park that had no reception. 
IS my son more important than a dinner, um yes. BUT BUT BUT
Can I have some cheese with my whine please?
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