January 12, 2014

2014 Book Challenges

Prior to last year I didn't know about online book challenges.  All in all I think I faired pretty well.  While I didn't complete or reach all of my goals I most definitely read genres and authors I wouldn't have considered if not for those challenges.   I am going to repeat some of the same challenges as last year and taking on some brave new ones....

British Books Challenge 2014

While I didn't complete the Challenge in 2013, though 9 out of 12 was pretty good, I've signed up again.  It was interesting to discover Funny many non-British authors how British characters in their books or use Great Britain as their setting.
Pretty straight forward challenge, each month read a book by a British Author.
2014 Eclectic Reader Challenge I really enjoyed this challenge last year.  I discovered authors I would not have chosen with no regrets. This year's categories are just as interesting. For 2014 I'm going to have to cross into the NON-FICTION side of things as well as try a Graphic Novel, I wonder how retaining that may be different and easier than reading.  I think I'll be using GoodReads' Listopia for suggestions again. Here are the categories:
Award Winning * True Crime (Non Fiction) * Romantic Comedy * Alternate History Fiction * Graphic Novel * Cozy Mystery Fiction * Gothic Fiction * War/Military Fiction * Anthology * Medical Thriller Fiction * Travel (Non Fiction) * Published in 2014

What's In a Name  Admittedly like the BBC challenge I didn't complete the 2013 What's In a Name Challenge but why should that stop me from trying again,  plus I know I have one category covered hands down.
A position of royalty (confident I won't have an issue with this one) * A reference to time * A number written in letters * A forename or names * A type or element of weather


Around The World in 12 Books My curiosity was really peeked when I saw this challenge hosted by Shannon from Giraffe Days. You can choose your level of travel from Happy Camper to Seasoned Traveller; which I am going to attempt.
For this challenge I have to read 12 books, each set in a DIFFERENT country.  I have to include at least one set in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Australia and the Middle East. 
~~This will definitely be crossing over in Jan with the Motif Challenge

 The Monthly Motif Challenge In this challenge each month you have to choose a book to match that month's theme
JanAround the World * Feb- Award Winner * March - Fairy Tales * April - Short and Sweet * May Mystery, Murder & Mayhem * June - A Long Journey * July - Assassins, Warriors & Rebels * August - Alternate Realty * Sept - Book to Movie * Oct - The Witching Hour * Nov - An Oldie But a Goodie * December - That's a Wrap

Jumble Your Genre Reading Challenge For this challenge, the goal is to mix up the genres/categories we read. We have all had those times when we have gotten stuck in the genre/category we are currently reading and read nothing else for a while. The goal here is to mix that up! Each month we will feature a different genre/category and the goal is to read and review one book or more in that genre/category during that month.
January- Young Adult * February- Contemporary * March- Urban Fantasy * April- Middle Grade * May- Dystopian * June- High Fantasy * July- Adult * August- Paranormal * September- Romance * October- Sci-Fi * November- Historical Fiction * December- New Adult

Ok so who is up to reading a bunch of books and joining me on a few of these challenges?
Remember Always Be Glorious
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