November 15, 2013

I Love Weight Watchers

If you have been reading my blog for a while you know that Hubby and I have been following the Weight Watchers program since June of last year.  My weight is down almost 65 pounds since then and we've made healthy changes in our lifestyle.  I have been working towards trying to create a presence on Twitter with Weight Watchers. Posting comments and sharing ideas with other Weight Watcher members.  It is a very encouraging group.  You can find people posting pictures via instagram of their meals, success even their recent weigh-in results.  
Imagine my surprise when I received a Twitter message from Weight Watchers first asking to follow me and then that they're enjoying my messages. Last week I received a wonderful gift from them called their Super Hero Weight Loss package. 
I'll be honest the package's arrival was perfect timing.  I've been a bit frustrated with my yo-yo reality these past few months.  This package has given me the inspiration (read as kick in the butt) I needed to get back on track.  
The gifts couldn't have been more tailored.  I have been wanting to buy the aerosol oil sprayer but needed to wait until the cans of Pam I bought ran out, which they just did the day before the package arrived.  I also received the new serving spoons which have added a slotted 1/2 cup.  While I wasn't in the market for a new cookbook the Chicken cookbook is fabulous.  It has a padded cover, so you can clean it.  What I really like about it is all of the different sections, there's even one for breakfast.  Hubby and Meg like my "cape" the best.  What a smart idea to create a kitchen apron to look like a super hero cape.

Whether you're looking for inspiration or want to help inspire others #WeightWatchers on Twitter is my recommendation.
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