November 8, 2013

How Did I Become A Human Drama Magnet?

I understand people have bad days. 
Why though does it seem they always seem to find me? 
Or is it simply me?Without trying to turn this into a pity party I really need to know that there are others out there who understand what I am saying. An incident at yesterday's Home Coming Parade really left me dumbfounded. Had it been the first time something like this happened my world wouldn't feel so rocked but reality is I seem to run into people like this more than most.
Here's the story:
We arrive 45 minutes early for the parade, set up our chairs and chill. Minutes before the parade starts a Mom with her two children arrive. (To clarify we're not talking about little kids probably 4th-7th graders) The children pretty much stand right in front of me. Mind you this is a High School Parade so it's not as if the street is wall to wall people.  The Mom tells the kids to sit down which the daughter replies "I'm not sitting down there". Here is my great offense which started the whole thing:
Oh Sweetheart
I didn't even get a chance to finish the sentence, which was going to be would you mind moving just a bit.
The Mom instantly barks at me
What did you say to her?
I proceed to tell her but before I can finish again she snaps what did you say?  
OK maybe I shouldn't have responded with my full answer but I seriously didn't understand what this lady's issue was.  
"All I said to your daughter was Sweetheart.  I don't understand what you're so mad about."
She's getting louder and tells the kids to get away from me.  Winds up she's with the group on the other side of the tree we're sitting by.  Next thing I know I see her talking to a woman who loudly comments while giving me a nasty look "She's just ridiculous come sit over with us." What could she possibly have said? What great horrible thing did I do? 
Can I tell you I felt daggers at my back the rest of the parade.  
Times like this my swiss cheese memory is both good and bad.  Fortunately I can't recall with details the other times I have found myself dumbfounded by people's cruel reactions.  Unfortunately I do remember the pain it creates.  That in itself aggravates me, I used to be so thick skinned.  I don't know why and it makes no sense but since the stroke I am easily knocked off-kilter by complete strangers.  
Remember that saying growing up:
Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me
Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words leave bruises no one can see.
I spent the better part of the night going over that 45 second interaction.  What did I do?  What was it about me that she found so easy to be angry with? Why do I always seem to invite drama? Am I some kind of social leper?  Why do I leave my house?  The road tends to get very dark very quickly in my mind.  
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