March 25, 2013

We've Gone Meatless

     You read it right we have gone Meatless, on Mondays that is.  We're joining the Meatless Monday movement.  I'm shaking up our weekly menus.
     With our continuous commitment to try to get healthier I thought we would get a bit more serious by removing meat one day a week.  I've made a couple of vegetarian meals these past few weeks of Lent specifically due to Sonny's attempt at going meatless for 40 days.  Each of those meals were quite successful and met with no general objections.
     Another reason for this change is more self serving.  Wednesdays are a bit crazy with weekly meetings out of town which often resulted in meals being thrown together as I always forget to have crock pot dinners planned.  Part of my problem with Wednesday dinners is the recent change from it being Pasta night (for almost 20 years).  Thursdays are Weight Watchers so pasta dinners the night before don't work.
    I've changed Wednesdays to our Salad nights (formerly Mondays). No matter how late I get home from Gainesville I'll still have time to serve a nice sit down dinner.  I can even harvest the lettuce in the morning before we leave and assemble the veggies to be dressed and topped with some protein when I get home.
     Tonight we're having Sloppy Joes ~ lentils replace the meat.  I am looking forward to exploring different recipes, I know there's plenty out there.   I do have to admit that I am very weary of tofu ~ I've tried it a couple of times and have yet to warm up to it.  However I also know that many of you have tried and perfected your own Vegetarian meals so please shared some of your favorites.

     Our new weekly menu:
Monday ~ Meatless
Tuesday ~ Breakfast
Wednesday ~ Salads
Thursday ~ Pasta
Friday ~ FREE
Saturday ~ Grilled
Sunday ~ Roasted

I wanted to share with you the recipe I used tonight for Lentil Sloppy Joes that I got from Vonnie at My Catholic Kitchen.  Everyone absolutely loved it and will definitely be staying on our replay list. I highly suggest trying this recipe and others on her blog.
picture from My Catholic Kitchen

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