March 22, 2013

Losing Fat Loving Food Fridays 3/22:It's getting harder

So how much do I have left of the 14 pounds I want to lose before April 6th?  14 pounds. You didn't think I was giving up on this after last week's post now did you? Well in all honesty the reason the number didn't change is I didn't make it to WW's tonight and I am not going to rely on my scale at home.  That doesn't mean I don't have things to share so read on ~
     Life lesson this week: old habits, and I mean 49 year old habits die hard.  Obviously I didn't get to this weight because I only use food for fuel.  Food is my go to.  Bad day ~ have something to eat.  Celebrating ~ have something to eat.  Just a day ~ have something to eat.  Despite my best attempts to minimize my ability to sabotage myself there are times when I don't think Chuck Norris could hold me back.  It isn't even as if I go off the deep end into a pool of chocolate and Oreos.  Nope I do just enough to undo all of the good I've done that day.  As if the guilt that arrives the moment after I've enjoyed that Junior Breakfast Burrito isn't enough I have to supplement the guilt with multiple visits to the scale to see the proof of my screw-up.   I'm not becoming a bit obsessive am I?
     What is so incredibly frustrating is how much I really want this decision to reach a healthy weight to be the last time I travel this road.  I know that the relationship I have with my weight is going to be a life long dance, I don't expect any magic gift once I hit goal.  I just don't get why I feel as if I'm setting myself up for failure on a regular basis.  I set small goals for myself in increments of 20/25 pounds instead of the entire amount which would be so overwhelming. I am already starting to feel that my ultimate goal weight is an illusive prize.
      I wonder if I need to supplement WW with Sensa that I am constantly seeing advertised or HGH.  I wonder if somehow my body is fighting this.  I think there are times when my past health issues play more of a factor in this journey than I realize.  I wonder how many more elegant excuses I can create that sound legitimate so I can convince myself this isn't completely in my control.
   I wonder how do others handle this internal conversation?  OK enough inner turmoil onto the food part of this post.

  I told you last week that I was going to have a full St Patrick's Day dinner; which went wonderfully I must say.  This meant that we had left over Corned Beed which I turned into Hash.  I grew up eating Libby's Corned Beef Hash.  It was a treat my Dad would make for us,  he'd cook it so it was very crispy. YUM  Having made CBH from scratch I understand why we always had it crispy ~ it needed all the help it could get.  I think Libby's makes theirs by passing the veggies and meat through There are a million different recipes on how to make CBH so I'm not going to create another one.  The main reason is you don't need a recipe, especially if you are using left-over corned beef.  That is where most of the flavor is coming from to begin with.  Here's my take on it:
Easy CBH
Dice potatoes and par-boil them (Get griddle warmed up while they're cooking)
Drain well
Melt butter/spray whatever floats your boat ~ on your griddle
Place potatoes on grill in single layer; season with salt and pepper.  Allow first side to get brown before turning.  This will take almost 10 minutes as your potatoes are still moist.
Dice or slice onions while the potatoes are cooking.  How many& which cut depends on your personal taste
Flip potatoes and cook 3-5 minutes.
Add onions SEASON w/s&p move everything around every few minutes
While they're cooking cut up your corned beef.  I probably used 3 cups of chopped c/b to feed 4 of us.
Once potatoes are cooked the way you like them and the onions are soft and translucent remove them from the griddle.
Add the corned beef to the griddle.  AS it is already cooked you're really just warming it up and allowing the seasonings to release.  Add the onions and potatoes back.  Cook for a few minutes mixing everything together.  Remove to serving dish place in over to keep warm while you fry your eggs on the griddle.
Serve with fried egg on top.

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  1. YUM! That sounds wonderful. I am so proud of you. Just keep going and don't lose sight of your goal, you will get there. I believe in you!!! Thank you for sharing your journey along the way, because this will help so many that are struggling. ;)

    1. Farfalla thank you so much for your support


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