February 22, 2013

Losing Fat Loving Food Friday 2/22

     My last update was 3 weeks ago on 2/1.  I can honestly tell you is has been three weeks of losing.... everythinng but weight.  First I lost my member booklet, the one that has your weekly updates and such.  I was really bummed about that.  I liked seeing my progression stars and I had made notes next regarding the good or bad of the previous week in there also.  Then I lost my Active Link.  While I'll admit to not be the most consistent user I did like the feed back that I received from the reports.  I really shouldn't be surprised as it kept slipping off my bra but most times it remained on my person.  I lost it sometime while visiting Em in Mobile so that puppy is long gone.  Onto my weight...

     I did it to myself again.  The last three weeks have been a bit stressful (quite the understatement) and the last thing I paid attention to was the food going into my mouth.  In fact I sought out pizza and cupcakes among other goodies.  While any food can be eaten while on WW they are not meant to be the mainstay of your daily/weekly calories  I weighed in this morning, as I had a migrane Thursday night, and the scale went up 2.4 pounds.  Of course that sucks however I was expecting it to be closer to 3.5/4 pounds.
     It amazes me how quickly I allow my bad habits to creep into my life.  I have the house set up for success with healthy choices available at a moment's notice.  There are no trigger foods around.  So what do I do but go out to hunt and gather the foods that my brain believes my body needs.  Even then I guess some of what we've learned these past 8 months has stuck as I only hunt and gather enough for a single indulgence.  When we were in Mobile this past weekend it wasn't me that brought back the bag of double stuffed oreos, that's not to say I didn't eat them but I do want credit for not buying them.
     Through this process I can sit back and honestly point out which foods are my specific go to foods which I think is a plus.  It isn't as if I didn't know my weaknesses but to be able to acknowledge the "need" for those foods and incorporate them in a healthier manner, as if cupcakes can be healthy,  next time can only have better results.  Right???

What are your go to foods?
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