February 16, 2013

Ain't like the old days...

     Every now and then we get reminders of how much things have changed so quickly in our lifetime.  This past week I had one of those "aha" moments while being sick in bed.  Let me take you back in time.
     I grew up in the 70's.  We were one of the last in my neighborhood to have a colored TV and we only had one TV until I graduated.  We also didn't have cable which meant our viewing selections came from the overwhelming choice of at most a dozen channels, not 12 HBO choices 12 channels.  On those rare occasions that I stayed home from school sick (OK they weren't all that rare) I was expected to be up in bed not draped on the couch watching  TV. FAST FORWARD to today.  When the kids were home from school sick we set them up on the couch handed them the remote and nursed them right there in the living room.  During my recent battle with the stomach bug I hibernated in my room with remote nearby.  But that's just it I didn't even want to watch TV.  Unlike in days gone past where our daytime offerings were mostly soap operas, game shows and reality talk programs I had over 100 channels to peruse yet I had no desire to stare at that screen.
     It is not that I had a pounding headache and watching TV would have amplified it, nope I chose to stare at another screen, a more smaller and light weight screen... you guessed it my laptop.  In between naps and many visits to the bathroom I spent most of my awake hours Thursday on Pinterest!  And let me tell you I was a pinning demon.  I didn't just repin from other offerings nope I followed links, read blog posts and created a board to boot.  I learned about different vegetable garden planting techniques, like this one on how to plant inside a pumpkin ,and how to remove nail polish in under 5 minutes.  I also became obsessed with the photographer Scott Mutter and his photo montages.  While doing all this I also listened to the latest offering from Kathy Reichs Bones Are Forever which was incredible.
     So quite different from life 40 years ago.  And last but not least I love the ability to call my son on his way home from work and ask him to bring me home a treat!!
I hope you don't succumb to the latest yuck going around but if you do I highly suggest perusing my pinterest boards

Scott Mutter


  1. Ok I too the hint. I always was behind on new technology/gadgets. Had heard of Pinterest but..... now I know. Hmmmmm.
    I read lots of books,blog maybe twice a week, follow the news on the internet, see a rare but touted movie, never watch TV. Now pinterest..... maybe. Thanks!

  2. @I certainly hope you don't have to try this out for yourself anytime soon. Stay healthy!


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