August 15, 2011

ME, Moi, Mij, Mi, Bana

So if you haven't figured it out this blog is completely about me!! Now you're probably thinking ~ aren't all of your blogs about you?  No actually they're mainly my Royal views on how the world could run better.  Or they may be my observations of the continuous entertainment I find in the world around me.  This blog, this one right here, is completely about me.

     Why should you continue to read such a self-indulging piece of literature (ok a stretch but the best word I could think of)? I'll tell you because if someone out there doesn't relate to what I'm about to tell you then it is without a shadow of a doubt that I need to be committed for my own safety.

     Where to begin this glorious royal procession?  Tuesday. 
Sunday and Monday were what we have nicknamed "stroked" days around here.... pretty simply put ~ it is amazing I make it out of bed I am hurting that bad.  Tuesday I was on the upswing and had an afternoon Acupuncturist appt.  If you'll recall an earlier blog I've not had the greatest experience.  After Tuesday's session left me feeling barely any different than when I came in this "medical professional" announced that she believes that I've been misdiagnosed with CFS, Fibromyalgia and Epstein Barr by those other medical professionals.  You see I have brought all of this on myself by simply eating the wrong food.  That's right all of the pain I was in these last two days and the stress induced aphasia was because Saturday I ate something beyond horrendous.  After we dissected what actually turned out to be a pretty healthy food day (thank heavens) she then decided I must have smelled something unusual.  Really, it could be something as simple as Chinese Food she announced.  When that panned out she said I finally got it.  All of your ailments are related to the weather and the horrible storms we've been having.  ~~~~~~ I am no longer seeing her.

Wednesday will have its own post as it was that kind of a day. Thursday was pretty mild as I was saving my energy for Saturday's Wedding.

Friday the Procession truly picks up the pace.  The morning started with Patrick and Meg having to be at two different high schools at the same time to pick up their schedules for the new year.  I went with Meg as she's a freshman.  Her campus is HUGE and of course her classes hit all 4 corners and both floors.  All that walking around when the temp was over 100 degrees was not fun.  Thankfully I had Lunch with a dear friend to recover.
Once I got home we were completely in wedding mode.  Everyone's clothes were ready for Saturday.  I already bought the cutest card/gift holder.  Patrick's Tuxedo was hanging all ready for him to usher; I even trimmed his hair.  THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN MY WARNING SIGN   My family relaxed and ready~ what was I thinking??

For fun the girls wanted mani/pedis so of course we ALL went. I found a deal where on Friday they are $13 and if you bring in family you get an additional $5 off the entire bill.  While everyone was getting fussed over I notice my gal's hands are shaking a bit.  She's new and so cute.  Again another warning sign missed.  She took as long to do my one hand as it did the others to be almost done with their pedis!!   While Meg is finishing up I go to pay and being the Math Geek I am was I have the bill figured out.  Well no their total came out $5 more than what I planned.  "Did you give me the family discount?"  "Of course we did."   Meg's still not done so we're sitting in back and this $5 difference is bothering me as I figured that into the larger tip I wanted to leave.  I go up again and they suggest maybe I should get a receipt... sure works for me.  You're going to love this.  You see I made the mistake of going by the prices listed on their menu.  What I didn't notice was the words above their prices that said.Starting At.  Ok I did see it but silly me I thought that meant services start here and as you add extras it goes up.  No they've raised some prices but because of those magic words Starting At they don't feel the need to print new menus.  BTW my math was spot on and they gave me back $4 (one item had supposedly gone up).  I gave that money to the girls in back.  So instead of leaving relaxed I'm in a bit of a huff.  Thank heavens for Bacardi Mojitos in a bottle.

Saturday I deliver Patrick early to the church and the girls and I get one last bow for our gift card box. It was so cute when you opened the box it plays the wedding march.  We still have time for a quick pastry from Panera as we now realize lunch may have been a smart idea ~whoops.  Once we're seated, after being escorted by my very handsome son the usher I notice a small tear in the seam of my new dress.  Ok no biggie I'll have hubby bring dress tape when we meets us at reception. By the time they exchange vows I realize the main seam down the right front of my dress is completely fraying!!  After communion, not to be left-out, the seam on the top left of my dress also starts to dissolve.   I am now standing with the program over my left breast my right hand holding what looks like the pleats of my skirt praying for the world's quickest reception line out.  NO NO NO NO what do you mean the bride and groom are coming back in?  We have to wave what....... I don't care what Granny wants us to do I am seriously having a wardrobe malfunction and what may pop-out NO ONE wants popping. Of course this may go without saying.... I really liked that Dress.
With no time to waste I head to Catherine's with the girls.  Thank God Patrick had Bridal Party pictures and a ride to the reception.  The three of us burst in and announce we have an emergency and need a dress now.  Of course we didn't notice the new signage on the windows announcing the arrival of their Fall Line.  UMM this is Florida we have Fall Weather for perhaps 3 afternoons in January!!!  After pillaging their sales rack we were successful in finding a dress that not only fit, matched the shoes I was wearing but was also marked down from $85 to $23!!  I have never worn a new dress out of the store before~ have you? 
Upside: New Dress no tears 
Downside: Hair totaled and make-up has been paroled.  
Upside: Made it to the reception before Bridal Party
Downside:  Used a lot of that reserved energy I’d been storing

That is the complete blog I planned to write until:  I read my comments and was so sweetly surprised to have learned I was given an award :0)

So see this blog is completely about me!!!!
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  1. I saw all the photos of the weeding and it looked beautiful!

    I'm feeling a bit frazzled right now too, as I try to schedule appointments, etc. in the final back to school rush. I'm also still ironing out all the details of organizing TWO carpools for my daughter and her new school (one TO school, the other taking her to ballet afterwards). This is a crazy time of the year!

    I'm glad you parted ways with that acupuncturist - she sounds like a flake. I really liked that Chinese one on Wells Road (at DeBarry). I'm so glad you had such good luck finding a replacement dress!

    Hopefully, things will start to settle down for you a bit now that school is starting! Congratulations on the award!

  2. Congrats on your award LB Darling as YOU are tops! Bacardi Mojitos? Hmmm... might have to try it... xoxo

  3. Congratulations on the award! And I'm with the previous commenter ;). Bacardi Mojitos? Yes, please!

  4. OHHH ladies Bacardi Mojitos are little bottles of heaven ~~~ and they're in your grocery store right now waiting for you!!!!
    Let me know when you have yours and we'll have a virtual happy hour LOL


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