April 6, 2011

Mother Nature's Ego Boost

     It absolutely poured here this morning.  I am talking intense thunder and so much rain that all the parents drove their kids to the bus stop.  In my current world I needed no prodding to turn this into a nap morning.  OK I know nap may not be the correct word as in all reality it was pretty much just an extension of sleeping with a quick morning parenting break ~you caught me.  Truth is I have been pretty much a sloth these last few days I literally have no energy just getting up and getting dressed takes almost all I have.
    So by the time I had to leave the house for therapy the sun was shining and it was in the upper 70's.  We have morning glories blooming out front, my rain barrels are filling up and the blueberry bushes look incredibly promising for at least a couple of pies.  Despite nature showing off I still have no energy whatsoever.  Therapy was well therapy and I always leave exhausted, which I guess is good that means I'm working hard.  I do enjoy therapy as the crew strives to keep the mood light and fun.  I notice no matter how sweaty I am I do always leave with a smile.
     Today instead of heading home I had to pick MaryEllen up from school.One of her last NJHS meetings (thank heavens) at 430.  Tuesday night is B'fast for Dinner night, at least when Emily's not home.  The kids asked for French Toast and despite the many different ways I have tried to "fancy" them up the favorite at this Royal house requires the use of cheapy white bread.  So I stop by Publix on the way to get Meg to grab the bread and other groceries.  I wind up arriving at the school 15/20 minutes before her meeting's over.  What to do to kill time? Mind you I am on my quad cane so i thought I'll go look at the ducks in the retention pond.  Sorry for those of you not here in Florida all of our schools have fenced retention ponds around them.  A couple of schools have goats and such as school pets living inside them.  As I approached the fence what I would guess to be about 2 dozen ducks are literally swimming and waddling their way as fast as their webbed feet can take them to meet me at the fence.  Well with such a energetic as well as melodious welcome what could I do but go back to the car and get...... the bread that was supposed to be for dinner so I can feed the ducks.  I actually counted out how many slices I thought we'd need and feed the rest to the ducks. 
     Who knew that ducks could be so good for my ego.?  Everywhere I went they followed.  If I bent down they huddled closer.  If I stood up they backed away as if anticipating where I would throw the next piece.  All singing to me.  Sure I know they were in it for the food but it was me who was making them happy :0)
     Now I'm going to let you in on a little truth.  You know one of those stories that you share at those bonding games you play at retreats and such.  I AM TERRIFIED OF WHITE DUCKS!! Seriously I am terrified.  I wasn't always but I do have a legitimate reason.  When we live in Va Beach I worked at a YMCA that was next to a park Occasionally we would take the kids over for a walk.  However it got to a point where we couldn't as the kids would literally get surrounded by ducks looking for food.  So one day Michael and I go to the park with Emily won't this be fun.  Let me give you a mind picture.  A wooden picnic bench surrounded by white quacking ducks and me standing on top having a vision of "The Birds" running through my head.  Sure laugh but I only love ducks when they are behind a fence.  YES I know they can fly over the fence but for whatever reason they don't.  As long as they stay on their side of the fence life is good.  Once they cross over ~ well I do make a great duck a l`orange
     So I am going to bed with the happy thought that today for 15/20 minutes these 20+ ducks thought that I rocked.  Thanks Mother Nature for the Ego Boost.

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  1. Bren,...23 years ago, I babysat twin boys and had my 2 who were 3&5, the wins were 4, We were living back in NY and I took them to feed the ducks, and they were all white, when we ran out of bread, these ducks, practically attacked all of us, they were chasing the kids, and I am screaming RUN!! It was like a scene out of the birds, so I have been afraid of them since! Well, one of these twins contacted me on FB 23 yrs later and asked me if I remembered the ducks!!! How COULD I forget??? Too funny!


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