April 3, 2011

Even a dog's life has it's ups and downs

     We have had 4 dogs since the existence of our family. 
  1. Hobbes 1989~1995 Male,  Corgi/Shepard.  Think Calvin and Hobbes and you've got an excellent personality snapshot
  2. Pirate 1998~2012 Female, Golden Retriever/Labrador.  The most laid back dog I've ever met.
  3. Mutiny 2003~present Female, Rescued from pound Long Haired Dachshund mix.  Total Drama Queen thinks the house revolves around her.
  4. Treasure 2010~ present Female. Bulldog/Hound still a puppy but leaning towards ADHD at the moment.
***The last 3 dogs have themed names due to us living on Penzance Parkway.  And if you can't make the Pirate/Penzance connection~all I can say is how sad and empty your life is LOL

In one of my rehab blogs I commented how if I was reincarnated I wouldn't mind coming back as a PT work dog.  Well let me clarify that statement.  I would not want to be a female dog.  Especially one that has not been spayed. 
     For some reason I was thinking that you spayed dogs after 18 months.  I can't even blame this on the stroke I really thought this.  Obviously I've never had to worry about this before as our dogs were neutered before we got them. So here is poor 9 month old Treasure miserable.  You guessed it, bless her heart she has her period.  So went on line and researched and OMG the poor dogs!! First off 9 months old are you kidding me! Dog years or not that just simply sucks.  Secondly the bleeding can last for two weeks the entire heat cycle can last anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks. 
     Well the funny thing is poor Treasure's clearly suffering from every stereotypical comment you've ever heard about women and their "friend".  She is emotional.  She is tired.  She is beyond being ravenous when it come to food. To add injury to insult she has to wear I believe the boys call "tighty whiteys" around the house. Which of course she removes the moment you take your eyes off of her. I have to admit I'm a bit impressed because even when she's cooperating it takes 2 minutes or so to put on yet Hudini has them off in mere seconds. If she gets those off I am certainly glad that I didn't spend my money on the puppy panties ($20 was the cheapest).  Gross FYI:  My research also showed that there is such a thing as a "dogpon".  After the initial shock of it my thought was who would be brave enough to even do that unless they were a breeder and even then ugh.  However be warned if you put dogpon into a search engine be prepared to see an incredible amount of links to dog porn~EWWWWW.
     What a sight life at my house is currently.  Me trudging behind a walker chasing Treasure to put her panties on.  Mutiny running out of everyone's way. When Treasure's not sleeping she's in everyone's face for food.  Oh what a joy!   Remind me why we got a new puppy again. LOL
    ~~ I originally started this blog Thursday and forgot to post it.  Since then my therapist has allowed me to use a Quad cane around the house.  So the 3Stooges moments of me chasing Treasure are ever more entertaining as I am much slower and less efficient on the cane.  I do have to be extra careful around Treasure as she wants to snuggle still and thinks coming up from behind and nudging me is fun:NOT

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  1. Bren, OMGoodness, did the same thing, kept forgetting to get Lacey the shih-tzu, my daughter & I were going to mate our Yorkies, well, Lacey went into heat, the Yorkie got her pregnant & Jan 5th we had 3 puppies, we fell in love with them, each one has an amazing, but different personality, so we are keeping them!!! Crazy right? 6 dogs in an apartment, Our largest is a small terrier, then the Yorkie, shih-tze & the 3 mixes, so they are no bigger than cats, but still!! LIVE & LEARN!!!


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