April 6, 2011

I think I have created a monster but maybe it's my Dad's fault

     Any of you who know me know that my Dad was my hero.  Music, books, history were just some of the interests my Dad and I shared.   Pop-Pop, as Emily named him, may not be with us any longer however my children are certainly following in his footsteps.
     My Dad absolutely loved anything Disney.  I remember seeing Mary Poppins at the theatre on Sunrise Highway where you had to walk down the stairs on the side of the building to leave.  Shortly thereafter I had the music book and was learning "A Spoon Full of Sugar".  Growing up on Long Island going to Walt Disney World  really wasn't something most families did.  However when the opportunity arose  he took us to the Happiest Place on Earth.  Oh how he loved seeing all the characters.  I think we went in 77 but I'm not sure as they were still celebrating the Bi-Centennial.  Now remember back then Disney characters weren't immediately available in Toys R Us and such places.  To see Mickey was HUGE!!!  I remember him simply savoring the tours on the history of Disney and the old characters.  Oh how I would just die to find the pictures from back them but that's another dark and dreary blog.
     I'll even admit that shortly after we were married The Little Mermaid came out.  Being childless was not going to stop me from seeing the new Disney movie.  Michael and I snuck subs into the movie and I had the sound track shortly thereafter.  My Dad took both Emily and Patrick to their first Disney movies though they'd have no memories as they were both babies LOL.  When Emily was a toddler Disney started creating sing a long videos.  They were usually centered around the latest movie but also included some tune from what we now call Disney classics.  We had the entire collection~ they were educational you know.  Seeing the words on the screen reinforced reading skills (that's my story and I'm sticking to it)
      I can't count the number of Disney themed parties we've had over the years.  All 3 kids have dressed as Pooh and Tigger for Halloween ~ I still have those costumes. We've had spaceship tents, Princess teapots and an assortment of character toys.  We've even gone on eBay to get the missing piece of the connectable toys from Tarzan and the last leg of Inspector Gadget. And of course living in Florida we have been to the Disney parks quite a number of times. 
  So yes my kids have grown up with Disney in their veins.  They really didn't have much choice in the matter did they :0)
     Last November you would have thought that I was a 7 year old the way I was excited to see Disney's latest movie Tangled.  I didn't go alone or at least childless I took MaryEllen and my dear friend Karen.  Oh did we love this movie.  We laughed out loud maybe a few times too much if you ask Meg.  The story was wonderful, fresh and didn't stoop to adult humor.   It quickly became a favorite of mine.  (OK I saw it twice but so did Karen)  Tangled was released last Tuesday and last Tuesday we owned Tangled.
     MaryEllen knows the movie backwards and inside out.  Now mind you she is 14 years old.  And I absolutely love it.  When so many kids her age are obsessed with growing up before their time she could care less.  I love that just last Saturday she was shopping with Kalla for high heels and dresses for their 8th grade formal and this Saturday the two of them are having a Tangled Sleep Over.
    There are many things we pass onto our kids.  Some good some bad.  Some we don't see til later years.  I love seeing the joy of Disney living on in my kids.  BTW Emily has asked that we send Tangled to her at school as her friends want to watch it during finals ~~~

 I think Pop-Pop is looking down on his Grand babies and
 just loving it and maybe just maybe smiling along with them!
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