September 1, 2017

Introducing...... Cannon

We have a new addition to our family.  He's 4 legged and a complete puppy mess.
Here's Cannon
Back in February I shared that we were searching for a puppy to join our family.  At that time the search was proving more frustrating than encouraging ~ here's the post on that .  In March while driving past our local Shelter I thought I'd take a peek at what they had.  We follow all of the local shelters on social media but that just doesn't seem to be enough.  On February 1st a stray gave birth to a litter of 13, 10 survived. Though they were too young to be officially adopted all but 2 were already claimed, one male one female.  The mother was a beautiful bloodhound mix.  She stood just about as tall as Treasure  so the size was good.  (Silly me)
By the time I got the family to check out the pups only the male was left ~ uggh we wanted the female.  However 2 of the 3 kids had already met "Salad" ~ yes that is the ridiculous name they shelter gave the male puppy, and were set on getting a brother for Treasure.   We finally convinced Hubby (didn't hurt that he got to name him) he'd be a good fit so we brought Treasure up to meet him.  She was NOT a happy camper though I believe that had more to do with the surroundings than the puppy.  We had no clue that adopting a puppy at a shelter is not cheap but the $175 covered first shots, neutering and tagging.
 We brought Cannon home on April 3rd.  To be honest with you we weren't sure it was going to work.  Treasure was completely stressed out for a couple of weeks and I'll be honest as much as we were falling in love with Cannon she was our first priority.  It wasn't until Cannon came home after being neutered that she started like him.  Considering Treasure has always been sympathetic when we're not well it didn't surprise me she did the same for him.  Now they're like any two siblings.
When we brought Cannon home in April he weighed  9 pounds.  At 4 1/2 months he weighed 27 pounds! Today is his 7 month birthday and he's just a tad taller than Treasure.  While she definitely outweighs him he's going to be bigger!
Cannon is much more active and needy than our other dogs.  I think most of his personality is due to having lived his first weeks in a shelter.  I know the shelter staff loves on their residents but sadly they're incapable of matching the attention and training puppies born at home receive.  Treasure is helping to slowly training him out of many of those habits, though his food issues are not coming around as quick,  Out of all the dogs we've had he's the first to truly be interested in toys  Cannon has 3 Stuffies (though only 1 still has stuffing left) tug of warm fetch/chew toys but just like a toddler at Christmas he's more interested in cardboard boxes.   He's also incredibly curious about so many things that our other dogs couldn't have cared about. He's not great with the Chickens and seeing as how they're getting older we leave them in their coop (12x12 don't worry they're not cooped up LOL)
 Hubby named him, and of course Cannon falls right in line with our previous puppies:


2010 ~ 


And we can't forget our very first puppy..... Hobbes

For now our family is complete.

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