February 5, 2015

Movie Review: #Mortdecai

Do you enjoy fun, silly movies that don't pretend to be anything else? 
Would you like to see a comedy not based on sex, violence and cursing?
Did you laugh at Maxwell Smart or Inspector Clouseau?
Mortdecai is the movie for you
Mortdecai stars Johnny Depp and his moustache.  As Lord Mortdecai Depp is doing what we love him to do, entertain us.  His dry, clueless portrayal of a man committed to outdated Victorian ways living in the 21st century starts out a bit cumbersome then grows endearing.  Mortdecai enjoys playing in the underground art world, though not very successfully as he is nearing bankruptcy.  Gwenyth Paltrow plays his wife Joanna who is the brains of this couple and despises her husbands new facial hair.  She enjoys flirting with their college friend, played by Ewan McGregor, Inspector Martland to both annoy Mortdecai and get information on the case her husband's working on. The relationship Mortdecai has with his manservant Jock,portrayed by Paul Bettany is one of the many sub-plots and scene stealers that had our audience laughing. 
I enjoyed seeing a R rated comedy that didn't rely on Fbombs for laughs.  In fact there were only two places where they were dropped and at both instances were incredibly funny. Almost all of the sex is off screen or implied, as it seems Jock is always somehow fitting a quickie in. 
This is a silly film that is worth seeing, though not necessarily on the big screen.  My Grade : B-
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