November 4, 2013

We've Started a New Project

I've said it before and I'll say it again ~ Blame It On Pinterest
I don't know how things work in your house but here in my World the simple idea of starting one project starts a great domino reaction.After living with original (22+yrs old) carpet in our den for over 15 years we finally had it replaced.  Once the furniture was out, and the new carpet in I was determined that this was the moment I had been waiting for to start the ball rolling on my project(s).
It all started when I saw a beautiful piece of furniture at Habitat that I wanted for my room. The antique sideboard/dresser needs to be refinished before bringing it into the house so it has been sitting in our garage for longer than I'd like to admit to. I also want to rearrange my tiny kitchen as I have practically no counterspace. My idea is to move the fridge into the pantry which would mean losing storage space but I was OK with that. I would replace the fridge with a new cabinet with the long desired extra counter top! Then I saw on Pinterest where someone had turned a TV armoire (just like mine) into a Pantry.  But where would our TV and accessories go? I really don't want to buy another piece of furniture. Pinterest to the rescue again. I found a number of people who had turned an old dresser into a TV Media Stand, and remember I have an extra dresser.

 I had a plan and was ready to act. The day came when we finally had new carpet (which is a story in itself). We loaded all of the furniture back into the room EXCEPT the TV armoire. Hubby was not thrilled when I put the TV on a coffee table the first night.  The next day I emptied my dresser, removed the attached mirror, and thanks to that wonderful invention Moving Men Sliders, I slid the dresser into the Den. When Hubby came home that night he really couldn't envision what I wanted to do despite my Pinterest references.
Finally after living with the new Den arrangement for a while Hubby was on board, though he still couldn't envision what I wanted to do.  In the meantime after an extensive search we had found baskets for all the DVDs, which were still in the armoire.  Don't they look nice though I need at least 2 more. *Absolutely love The Container Store wish it wasn't only in Orlando! What made things easier was the fact we were getting the carpet replaced so we really weren't worried about making a mess or ruining it in anyway so we could work on the transformation right there in the Den.  After a few hours of knocking the dresser apart and building new shelves we completed stage one of our project.  
Wish I had taken a before picture with the drawers.
Stage 2 will include permanently attaching the shelves, sanding and white-washing. Once that is done I'll be able to move everything out of the TV armoire and start converting that to the pantry. Or maybe we'll tackle the dresser in the garage ~ told you I started the domino affect

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