July 26, 2013

Losing Fat Loving Food Friday July 26

The end of July already! Is summer really almost over?  
Am I avoiding the topic? Maybe...

In all honesty I did much better at the scale last night than I expected to.  You see all three kids are gone to camp this week and we've been enjoying our childlessness *like that word*.  There have been a few more indulgences than anticipated.  Nothing horrible just MORE than should have been.  You know enjoying a bottle of wine rather than a glass of wine.  Eating 1/2 of the dessert as we didn't have to divide it into 4 pieces.  Things like that.  I also gave in to a craving, which under normal circumstances would have been fine.  However I know better than to give into something that high in points on a Wednesday.  What was this indulgence you wonder?  Something covered in butter or whipped cream? Nope it was sub from Publix.  For those of you who do not have Publix stores in your area they make the best cold subs EVER! (Outside of Leggio's but only those from Bay Shore know about those).  I had a roast beef sub with horseradish cheddar cheese for lunch on Wednesday. 
     When I handed June my booklet to weigh in Thursday night I told her that I expected to gain and why.  I even admitted to not tracking my Points this week ~which is a really dumb thing to do.  Some how for reasons unknown the Scale gods smiled down on me as I lost 0.2 pounds.  So I've put 30cents in my bead jar with much appreciation.
    I am going to have all three kids home starting Sunday for two weeks and it is going  to be a struggle not to bake them all my love.  Cause you know food=love right??? Old habits are hard to break.
I tried a new dessert recipe this week that I got at Weight Watchers.  The entire dessert is 4 points ~ yup you read that right. It is supposed to be a pie but I couldn't get "slices" out of mine so it looked like a heap but hey you'll eat it just the same am I right!
The pictures pretty much are the complete directions.
Using sliced fruit create a crust in a pie dish.  I used a mandolin so the slices were the same size
Combine 1 small pkg of sugar free jello, 1 small pkg of sugar free cook & serve pudding with 2 cups of HOT water. Cook in microwave on high for 3 minutes.
Allow to cool, stirring occasionally.  Pour into pie dish. Refrigerate for at least 1-2 hours.

I used strawberry-banana jello and vanilla pudding.  Wasn't overly thrilled with it, think I'll try it with straight strawberry jello next time.  Also think it would be good with peaches.
Also thinking of making a "trifle" out of the recipe so I don't have to try and cut it~~ really liking this idea!!

Let me know if you try it and what combination you use.

Until next week~
Always be Glorious
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