July 9, 2012

Pick A Rant

I have a couple of things I just need to get out there and so I thought I would share these thoughts/rants with you to see if I am the only person~

    I am really getting tired of people having to share every little injustice in their lives as if it is a cross we all have to bear.  Recently a friend was standing in the express lane and the woman in front of him had 15 items instead of 10 (someone call the supermarket police). As if counting her items out loud wasn't enough humiliation he felt the need to take her picture and post it to Facebook.  I wonder if during this little temper tantrum if he thought about how uncomfortable the poor teller and anyone else around him felt!!  Really this was so upsetting in your life that you had to share it with the world.  Who hasn't this happened to and come on who hasn't been guilty once or twice in their lives of having an item or two over?  The first few comments on his post were supportive then a few of us starting pointing out the pettiness of it all.  His response to everyone was "Calm Down"  (a phrase that sent me into a my own temper tantrum today ~ see below).  My overall thought is... If that is the worst thing that happened to you today then you had a great day and unless you want us to start pointing out all your little smudges of the rules think twice about posting someone else's.

  I dare one more person to make a face when I tell them that my son has chosen to join the Marines.  Yes, please ask me am I worried about him dying.  You know you're right I haven't thought about the fact that someone, someday may point a gun in his direction thank heavens you pointed it out for me.  And in response to your unasked question why isn't he going to college~ he is doing both.  No the military isn't his only option it is HIS ONLY CHOICE.  He has chosen to work hard and overcome the physical ailments of just 5 years ago to become one of the strongest in his squad.  He has chosen to choose a career in the military so that you can tell me how horrible all the wars are and how sad the state of our military is.  He has chosen to defend what he believes in the greatest country in the world and the freedom it affords you to vocally share all of your opinions.

  And from today's happy experience~~ Neighborly Courtesy.  From what I understand many neighborhoods have someone that I am going to name Anal Andy.  Our Anal Andy, who lives across the road from me and has a serious fetish with his lawn.  I'm not talking about someone who likes to make sure their lawn looks great.  Anal Andy wants his lawn to look as if it is ready for the cover of Better Homes and Gardens EVERY DAY.  You can see him watering his lawn daily despite any drought conditions.  He has actually chased down many a truck driver who had the absolute gall to run over the edge of his lawn (no sidewalks here).  He has interrupted parties to loudly inform the host that one of their rude guests parked on the edge of his yard. When someone he, or anyone else, has a garage sale he puts cones around the edge of his property to protect it from rude shoppers; not caring that his customers have to park their cars somewhere just as long as they don't hurt a blade of his precious grass.  Living across from Andy for the past 14 years we've endured many of his tirades.  We've seen him stand on his lawn and watch to see if our learning drivers were going to back onto his grass. We've heard him yell at kids whose carelessly thrown, kicked or hit ball happened to land on his lawn and encouraged them to move down the street.  To make things easier when we're having an event we tell him so he can put his little cones up, though he still watches every car being parked.  So today when he had three massive pine trees cut down you would think that common courtesy would prevail.  The first two trees came down and unless it was the plan one took out his decorative fencing.  Tree #3, the largest of them all, was to be felled in front of his house like the other two but at the last minute the workers decided it had to be pulled across the street towards our yard.  The guys who were pulling the rope attached to the tree were standing precariously close to our driveway where our two cars were parked.  Now this is where you'd assume that common neighbor courtesy would come into play.  Did he or his wife warn us and suggest that we move our cars???  Well you already know the answer to that.  We realized all this was happening as the men were pulling on the rope and the tree was dropping.  Thankfully our cars were not harmed by the tree that fell less than 6 feet away.  While we were outside surveying the mess he came over like a proud poppa bursting with pride over this great event.  UM NOT HAPPENING DUDE!!!!  I asked why couldn't you warn us?  He said it doesn't matter.  I said no that's not the issue why didn't you come and tell us to move our cars. His response~~~ Calm Down!  Excuse me no I am not calming down if this had been the other way around you would have had a hissy fit if any pine cones or needles landed on your lawn.  Now he tells me to Calm Down and Shut Up!  Well it didn't end pretty.  The tree guys hearing this exchange apologized saying they should have come and told us.  But ended it by saying we've been at this 20 years we knew what we were doing.  Oh yeah like when you took out his fence~ I didn't say this but sure thought it!!!  My next door neighbor who came out afterward was just as shaken when she saw the laying tree in-between our yards and she kept saying Andy didn't tell me about this (and he likes her!!).  Guess common courtesy is no longer a two way street.

 So there you have my three latest rants... Am I crazy?  Is it just me?  What do you think?



  1. Thank your son for his service. I admire the hell out of him.

    As for the trees... yeah. Warning to move the cars was in order. So was notice that it was going to happen, since it involved your property. But... part of life is these challenges. It's what that old-time Chinese curse is about: May you live in interesting times.

    It'd just be nice if interesting meant good!

  2. Interesting quote thanks Susan


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