February 14, 2012

Was it worth the three points?

            Nope this isn’t a weight watcher question.  I’m talking about getting points on your license for speeding in a school zone.  Now in the spirit of full disclosure I do not claim to have a perfect driving record, though I do not have any points on my license. 
            Seriously I simply do not understand some drivers.  In my daily commute taking Meg to and from school I drive through 3 school zones in the morning and 4 in the afternoon.  None of these school zones are in a neighborhood.  They all are on county roads with flashing yellow signs.  Without fail I can plan on seeing at least 2 or 3 police cars sitting in these zones every day. 
            Even more amazing to me is that at least 3 times a week I see a car pulled over receiving a speeding ticket.  More often than not I witness this in the morning near the high school.  Despite what you think it isn’t the teenage students who are the offenders rather it is adults driving past the school  hanging their heads in shame while the officer writes their ticket.
            The high school sits right on the road and has a digital marquee with the week’s events.  There are long lines coming from both directions waiting to turn into the student parking lot.  Just before the school there is a four way stop that you have to drive through.  And as if all of this wasn’t enough to clue you into the fact that you are in a school zone almost every day there is a police officer standing in the median with a radar gun not 100 yards past the entrance to the school.
            So tell me what would make someone drive over the posted school zone speed limit?  I really think I am beginning to understand why comedians such as Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Engvall are so popular.  Their simple styles of sharing every day observations hit a cord with all of us.  While we’ve all laughed at jokes with a great punch line it seems to me that the stories comedians tell about real life (with admittedly flourishes added here and there) are the ones that get the biggest laughs.
            Maybe that’s why this morning as I watched another driver sharing their license and registration with the police officer I heard Bill Engvall in my head saying “Here’s your sign/ticket” 


  1. I always wonder the same thing! It's crazy. Although, I've witnessed a LOT of the teenage drivers doing this too...

  2. Wow we have the same issues.. the high school is on a main road to the freeway and there is tons of traffic every day.. but who do I see in the morning and afternoon speeding past the school at 40 mph? Adults, I am begining to wonder if people cant read as there are flashing signs and police and posted speed limits of 25, yet they are running past the school at 40+ mph..
    Amazes me! Great blog thanks for sharing


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