May 3, 2011

AHH Mother Nature ~~~NOT !!!!!

     We love birds.  I don't think they should be pets~OK I'm afraid of them one to one (shame).  But truly I love to watch birds.  Years ago before it was the thing my Dad always had a bird feeder and we would be sure it was always filled.  Growing up I loved that I could count on a family of doves making a nest between my bedroom window and the chimney; I loved hearing their cooing.  Shortly after moving into our house here in FL we put up a bird feeding station.  I love learning which bird seed each species prefers.  We have different feeders so every one's happy.  I've trimmed branches and made it so the squirrels can't get to the food.  MaryEllen has done 2 different Science Fair projects on birds and their feeding habits.
    So all that to prove we really enjoy birds in our yards.  I think you'd have to agree we have made a welcoming and sustaining habitat for them~ I'm assuming you are nodding your head in agreement.
     The other day my status on FB was "It sounds as it Mother Nature is holding auditions the birds are all singing".  It was really glorious.  As part of my taking it easy routine I enjoy sitting outside in the morning listening to the birds.  It is a wonderful way to start the day and actually quite energizing. 

Before we go any further please click here and listen to this
Did you notice that there were 4 different options to listen to. The bird you listened to is the Northern Mockingbird.  If you type Mockingbird into YouTube you can find them imitating car alarms, cell phones, as well as other animals including a cat~ yes a bird meowing like a cat; I wonder what Freud would say about that.
     The Mocking Bird is the official state bird for Florida.  (Whoops that may change things).  Florida isn't all that original as the Mocking Bird is also the state bird of Arkansas Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas.  They are known to have over 200 songs.  Not as a species but EACH bird.
   Why am I educating you about this sweet bird with all his songs?  BECAUSE he sings religiously outside my bedroom window from 12midnight to 2AM.  I at first thought someone had one of those singing bird feeders and it had gone haywire. Yes I was outside at 130 looking for it!  Who knew ONE BIRD could make so much noise.  IF he sang one song it would be relaxing but NO.  The one in my yard is an aficionado of all the birds I hear sing during the day as well as some other non-bird sounds as well.
     This has been going on for the last 4 nights and of course doesn't seem to bother anyone else in my family (like that's a surprise).  While I tried going to sleep last night at around 1:15 I came up with a couple of what I am going to call "Survival Plans".  However having found out that it is illegal to kill or even harass Mockingbirds in Florida, as they are our state birds, I can not follow through on any of those meticulously devised strategies. Just let me add this... after 1am I can become pretty devious. And would training a cat to hunt this bird be considered harassment or more importantly could they prove it in a court of law? 
     Researching these glorious songsters I learned that it is only the males that sing at night.  Bachelor males.  That's right it is only the single males looking for a mate who sing at night.  I'm sorry but really!!! Why would they be wired this way?? What are the female birds doing besides sleeping at this time of night.  Can't you just picture the new season females (think debutantes) sitting together judging the males and thier songs:   Johnny sings better.  Tommy has a better repertoire.  I just love the way Matty does that cell phone ring! Well Danny can't sing well but his is territory by the Smith house.    Talk about eHarmony.

     I did find suggestions from a birding website on what to do in the meantime *because we couldn't think of these ourselves LOL:

Steps You Can Take

  • First and foremost, close all windows including storm windows.
  • Use a fan to help drown out the mockingbirds singing.
  • Purchase soft foam earplugs
  • Use your CD player, purchase relaxation CDs, sounds of rain, rivers flowing, or pleasant music.
  • Move your sleeping quarters to another room in your house.

   So my sleep should not be bothered for too much longer.  Let's face it who has time to sing at 2am after they're setting up house and starting a family.

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  1. Thanks for returning my visit. I'm quite sure I followed the "historical fiction" links looking for people with a like minded interest. My nature blog (Troutbirder is wildly popular,well sort of :) but book and movie review blog Troutbirder II gets lots of thought and work on my part, and very little response, so I'm alway hoping....
    Your mockingbird story was great fun. My wife has had a similar experience with flocks of crows who visited very early in the morning. She has requested me to get my shotgun on them. I used to hunt before I gave it up for binoculars and birding. I declined.
    As to our litigating society.... I'm one of them, having sued an unnamed (because of a legal contract I signed with them) multi billion dollar big pharmo corporation, who came within an ace of killing me. Thousands of others benefitted from my action with legal settlements and a big black box warning on several related drugs.


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