February 10, 2015

Movie Review: Jupiter Ascending

Maybe it is similar to doing something after being told not to but when a movie is trashed by critics and I had the tiniest bit of interest in it I MUST SEE THE MOVIE!!  Such was the case with the Waschowski brothers' newest movie Jupiter Ascending.

When previews first started showing for this back in the spring of 2014 I was intrigued, plus it stars
Channing Tatum so I'll be honest that was a big pull.  I also enjoy seeing how far CGI has brought science fiction movies and believe to truly appreciate that art form it must be seen on a big screen.  
Now before I go any further I'm going to admit that I wasn't a huge fan of the Matrix series, I can appreciate the entire concept of red pill or blue pill but ~ yeah not going to be playing on my tiny screen any time soon.  So I didn't have any "Will it be as good as" expectations.  In fact when the movie disappeared from previews and then never showed I was a disappointed.  Here's the scoop on that:
Originally scheduled to release last July, Jupiter Ascending's opening was pushed to February so that the movie's visual effects can be better finished and polished.  With its winter release the movie also entered a less competitive season then the planned summer release.  There were concerns that the pushed back release could signal another  U.S. box-office disappointment similar to Cloud Atlas for the Wachowski brothers.  According to Warner Brother's domestic distribution chief Dan Fellman in an interview with Variety : A lot of the issue for us was getting it ready for the international release, since foreign territories need additional time".  FYI: It was the international market that saved Cloud Atlas from being a financial disaster.
This movie was horribly trashed by critics for plot lines and character development and other things non-cinematic students might not care about. There is one thing that Andy and Lana do well ~ create universes that are bold and inviting down to the tiniest detail.  While the script was a bit predictable, but then again aren't most Sci-fi movies anymore, there are possibilities for sequel providing they allow the main characters to be flushed out a bit more.  Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis) has the potential to be a strong, family loyal, ruling female character that's missing in the Sci-Fi genre.  And while of course they just had to dress her in tight costumes her gowns were absolutely stunning.  Her protector played by Channing Tatum is Caine.  Like his pal Stinger, Caine is a Splice: a solider who's dna was spliced with that of an animal ~ Stinger with a bee Caine with a wolf.  We learn he's had an issue with his animal side but that plot line doesn't really play out and could be oh so interesting.  Our three sibling villians each want Jupiter and what she unknowingly possesses for their own.  One problem I did have was with the audio surrounding the siblings.  They tended to talk in hushed tones which was difficult to understand at times.  
If you enjoy CGI special effects this is a movie to see on the big screen.  Like most movies today you can see this in  3D as well, which according to the gals at the concession stand is getting great feedback.  If you have a young tween male in your home I'd imagine he'd enjoy this.  
My grade: C
Next Weekend:
Great Valentine's choice ~ Spy stuff for him and Colin for me
Colin Firth, Michael Caine and Samuel L Jackson
(links will take you to official trailers which may not be appropriate for everyone)
Focus ~Feb 27 Will Smith ~ Strong Maybe
Lazarus Effect ~ Feb 27 ~ Olivia Wilde ~ Flatliners (1990) remade into horror ~ Nope
Insurgent ~ March 20 ~ Sequel ~ read the book so probably 
Spy ~ May 22 ~ Melissa McCarthy ~ Busy release weekend but will probably see in theatres
Ant-Man ~  July 17th~ Paul Rudd ~ It's Marvel so I'll see it
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