July 23, 2014

Returning With A Rant ~ Movie Previews

Hello! Have you missed me?  Sorry I know it has been a while but we'll get into that another time.  I've really been upping my movie attendance and I've decided some people have simply lost their minds!! And people at Screenings seem to be even crazier....
I've been fortunate and have been receiving free passes to movie premieres.  In fact Tuesday when the FedEx dude delivered a package to my door I was pleasantly surprised to find 3 sets of tickets inside ~ aren't they pretty?
Yes we're going to see the new Marvel movie in 3D
Guardians of the Galaxy
  One was for a screening of Lucy THAT night.  Screenings, like airplanes, are over-booked to ensure that all the seats are filled.  The doors generally open one hour before the movie begins.  The wait-lines start at least an hour before that if not more.  We've befriended a group of people who attend these screenings and have really enjoyed spending time with them.  Our favorite killing time activity ~ People Watching!!
Crazy Point #1 Kids: I know I've complained before about people bringing their kids to movies where they simply don't belong.  I understand how expensive it is to go out to the movies and have to pay for a babysitter.  This is the number one reason why for approximately 10 years most Moms can only remember seeing animated movies ~ they simply can't afford to go out.  AT least that is how it used to be.  Nowadays people bring newborns and even young elementary aged kids to R rated movies.  
This is where I really go crazy ~ that excuse of not being able to afford going out to the movies and paying a babysitter doesn't cut it WHEN YOUR TICKETS ARE FREE!!!  Seriously you really believe your child needs to be here; are you that selfish?  Yes I believe these people are selfish especially when they're bringing the younger kids who despite not understanding the movie still are seeing naked people and hearing F-bombs every few minutes.
The worst case so far this summer was when we attended the 22 Jump Street preview.  There is no way any adult could claim they didn't know what kind of movie they were seeing.  There had to be at least a dozen preschoolers at this movie never mind the amount of young school aged kids we saw.  While this movie was less crude than 21 Jump Street, its language was intense.  Maybe deep inside I'm still a prude because while I had no problem with Meg seeing this movie I couldn't sit next to her and watch it.  AND she completely agrees with that.  We didn't get preview tickets to A Million Ways To Die In The West but one of our preview friends said there were kids at that ~ People that movie was sooo in the R+ to X range I told Meg she really didn't need to see it and she agreed.  
I don't believe that kids see these things and "forget about them" as some suggest.  It is like anything you introduce to a child, you've planted a seed in their mind.  How can you expect to raise a respectful, healthy minded child when you introduce vulgarity, sexuality, and substance abuse in an entertaining way throughout their formative years?  There are times and places these conversations need to take place and I do believe the younger you start those talks the better.  I don't believe Hollywood should be the ones introducing your 4 year old to oral sex and much much more.  Think I've made my point on this one thank you very much. 
Crazy Point #2: Once again I'm going to remind you that preview screenings are FREE.  I'm pointing this out just in case you, like the people I'm going to rant about, have forgotten that.  Without fail at every screening it doesn't matter how close to the front of the line you are when you arrive before those doors open a couple dozen or so people will have joined the line ahead of you as their friends were saving spots for them.  I don't mean spouses but rather groups of people.  Some theatres are starting to try to cut down on that but let's be honest it's never going to stop.  As with most movies people want to sit in the middle and towards the top rather than down front.  I get so mad when people who show up right before the movie start with their 4 friends and believe they should be able to get 5 seats together up top and ask others should scoot down so they can be accommodated.  UGGHH why do they think we got here early??
Very often, like tonight with Lucy, way more people show up than there are seats for. The tickets are counted at the door and when capacity is reached everyone else is either turned away or told to wait to see if the invited press claim all of their reserved seats.  At this point the co-ordinator comes into the theatre and asks people to raise their hands if there are any empty seats next to them.  They were so desperate tonight that a couple behind us who went out for popcorn almost lost their seats.  Well things got hot, crazy and oh so entertaining.  Down front three people were saving almost a dozen seats for their friends who hadn't arrived yet and refused to give them up.  The co-ordinator tried talking with them and one woman wouldn't even acknowledge her, as you can see in the picture she just stayed on the phone.  I didn't realize how crazy it was until I went out to use the restroom and saw the confrontation was continuing in the hallway. This woman doing her job was being cursed out by these people who believed they had a right to save those seats.  Despite having crazy people scream at her she kept her cool and reminded them that simply holding a ticket doesn't guarantee you a seat; security was standing nearby which probably helped.  I really would have liked to hear more but couldn't justify my loitering in the hallway anymore.  When I returned from the bathroom the seats were filled ~ boy what I would have given to see that.
Crazy Point #3 With today's technology is it really worth risking a $250,000 fine and 5 years in jail to record a movie, never mind do this at a screening where there's a very visible security presence?  Ok I guess to a certain segment of the population the answer is yes.  (Remember my post on wanting to crack open the illegal DVD rings Sandy and Melissa style) When we first started attending screening you weren't allowed to bring your phones into the theatres; you had the option of putting them in your car or checking them with security.  You no longer have to abandon your cell phone.  An announcement is made at the beginning of every screening that all cellphones must be put away before the start of the movie.  They understand that sometimes emergencies arise and you have to take a call or text.  Should you take your cell phone out during the movie you will be expected to leave the theatre immediately.   Anyone not doing so will be removed from the premised by security and turned over to the police for prosecution.  The assumption will be made you are trying to record the movie. Sounds like an empty threat>>> According to one of the co-ordinators we've gotten to know, at a recent screening they caught an 8yr old recording the movie "For my friends".  It was quite evident he didn't believe her or her parents who claimed they weren't aware she was filming the R rated movie. 
People do you really think you're the only one with any kind of technology???? They're using scanning devices and special vision goggles not only at screenings but opening weekends as well. AND THEY WARNED YOU

Well sweeties that's my return rant.  I hope you enjoyed it
I've updated my 2014 Movies I've Seen Pinterest board so you can check out the 32 movies I've seen so far this year (that's right 32 and counting)

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