May 9, 2013

We've Got Worms II

     I was so busy educating you about our worms yesterday that I didn't share any of their squirmy gloriousness with you!  How Rude was that? So without further ado for your viewing enjoyment I present the first Royal Colony of Worms. 

     I bought our worms from Uncle Jim's Worm Farm.  After searching around they not only had the best reputation but great prices as well!  They ship their worms on Monday so I was pretty confident they'd arrive Wednesday ~ which they did. I have to be honest I had no clue what to expect.  How big is a box that's going to hold 2,000 worms?  Actually surprisingly quite small, it measured 10x7x5.  Now as I mentioned yesterday I am a proud card carrying ophidiophobic and the thought that there were 2,000 squirming creatures in the box truly freaked me out a bit.  Would I have to touch them?
As you can see they arrive inside a pouch, which yes if you hold it long enough you'll feel the worms moving.  The pouch is filled with dry peat moss for the worm's comfort during their journey.  You can see one worm decided to try for freedom unsuccessfully.  According to the Care Instructions:

  • Open Bag immediately and give the worms 1/2 cup of water as they are thirsty.
  • They may appear "small and scrawny" which is normal.  They've not had any food or water since packaging on Sunday.  They will regain their original size and strength within 2 days as long as they receive the instructed amount of hydration. 
Well we were not about to open the wrigglers inside so out we went.  I had a bucket set aside for their arrival.  We are using 5 gallon buckets for our wormeries.  Instead of buying them at a box store you can get them w/a tight fitting lid for $2 at Firehouse Subs and all the proceeds go the their Public Safety Foundation.
Pictures speak a thousand words so:
NO we are not naming each and everyone of our latest additions to our kingdom.  Together they are simply known as Royal Colony I.  The plan is to move them into their work camps future homes over the next few days.  Now the challenge is how to move 2,000 worms without touching or losing any of them.

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