May 23, 2013

50,000 Page Views~ I Never Thought This Would Happen

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    When I started this blog just over 2 years ago it was to tell the story of my stroke recovery.  It was therapy.  It was a way to try and convey my frustrations with my "new" world. Then it became so much more. It became an integral part of who I am.  Most importantly it has connected me with so many wonderful people.  And let's not forget it underlining necessity of prolonging my Delusions of Royalty.
      I usually check the stats of my blog at the beginning of the month.  I was a bit shocked when I realized that sometime this month I could possibly reach 50,000 page views.  I have to admit I did become a bit obsessive when the numbers crossed in 49,500.  My goal was to be on-line when the counter reached 50,000.  This of course meant that I was going to have to be out and about without my laptop when it happened,  which is exactly how it played out.   Saturday morning, Em was headed to the airport and the counter was at 49,991.  I hadn't published a new post for a couple of days so I had hoped that during the 2 hours I was gone at most 8 people would visit.  This is what I returned to:

That's okay spending time with Em before she left for the summer is and was more important than watching a computer screen.  The truth is knowing that in the past two years my blog has been visited over 50,000 is absolutely awesome, incredible and exciting all at once. At this point there is little more to say but:

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