November 7, 2012

Losing Fat Loving Food Friday (whoops) Wednesday

     So I just couldn't seem to get this written until today~ we'll blame it on the beautiful fall weather we are currently enjoying here in Florida,. and mind you we don't get to enjoy fall weather very often.
     Last week I maintained my weight which I'll admit was a bit disappointing but  these things happen.  However I did want to share with my my newly discovered "hobby" of sorts.  for the last 4 weekends I have risen early on Saturday mornings, which in of itself is pretty incredibly in itself.  The reason behind my no longer sleeping in has been so that we can get up and out and head to a state park for a hike.  You read that right I've been hiking.
     My family has enjoyed going to the The Ravine Gardens for a number of years.  There is a 1.8  mile paved loop off of which there are numerous trails which take you down into the ravine as well as along the spring-fed stream and  2 suspension bridges that Treasure needed much coaxing to walk over.  When the kids were younger one of their favorite activities during our visit was stopping at each of the fitness stations along the trail that offered different stretching and cardiovascular conditioning exercises.

     After passing it for years we finally visited Gold Head Branch State Park for the first time.  Unlike The Ravines at Gold Head Branch the trails are not paved.  We enjoyed two of the hikes featured and look forward to going back and doing more.
     While I do not drive on I-75 into Georgia often whenever I do I am always tempted to pull off and visit the State Farmers Market that's advertised.  DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME  We decided to make a day trip of it envisioning bringing home apples as the case I brought home from Georgia is near gone.  The Florida State Farmers Market was not at all what we thought it would be.  It actually is for Farmers' to bring in their crops to sell to major distributors.  There was one gentlemen there with a stand selling some very sad looking produce.  However I was determined not to let the trip be a waste so we ventured one more exit north and discovered Spirit of the Suwanee Music Park.  The weekend we visited there were no events going on so the park was pretty empty.  We spent over two hours walking different trails enjoying all that nature had to offer.  A fun surprise was stumbling onto the small farm that housed goats and an emu.  After a few minutes Treasure was pretty convinced she could take her on~ thank heavens the emu wasn't interested in us at all.
     It really is amazing all that there is do once you start looking.  This weekend we are hoping to get over to Camp Milton Historic Preserve here in Jacksonville.  Who knew we had this amazing Civil War Fort right in our back yard?
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