March 5, 2012

What the Point of a Pin?

     Have you tried explaining Pinterest to a guy?  They really don't get it. Fantasy football and such no problem however the idea of you sitting in front of your computer looking at food, clothes and crafts that other women have pinned, cause let's face if most pins aren't from the original creator, they just don't get. Well you have to admit when you think of Pinterest through that perspective what is the point???
     Ok I was quite enthralled with Pinterest when I first discovered it.  The idea of so many wonderful resources in one place.  Seeing what my friends were pinning.  Who liked my pins.  Creating different boards.  Oh Pinterest was so much fun.  It reminded me of when the Sears and JC Penney Christmas Catalogs would arrive.  We'd fold over corners to which items we hoped to get for Christmas.  Even into my teens I remember folding over many more pages than I could ever expect to see under a forest of Christmas trees.
OOPS~ Sorry I realize not everyone uses pinterest ~ For those of you who are unfamiliar with pinterest the easiest way to explain it is like this~ imagine having a bulletin board for every specific interest you may have.  Then any time you run across something that you would like to "save" you pin it onto your bulletin board.  Now those boards aren't hanging on the walls of your house for just you to see but on the walls of pinterest for many to see.  And you can see the boards of others as well.

     So why are so many not only drawn but addicted to Pinterest?  I think the reason is we can live out many of our fantasies.  What kind of wedding we want (or wish we had).  What's the latest food craze.  We can like things we might be too shy to actually pin ourselves.  Plan vacations without worrying about a budget We can build our dream house and even dress our dream children.

     I don't know if it is something everyone on pinterest goes through but I think I've passed into a new Pin phase.  Instead of pinning just about everything that caught my eye I now actually give more than a moment's consideration.  I have a couple of boards in different categories that have nagged at me.  What's the point of pinning menus/recipes or crafts/dyi items if I am never going to do anymore than just compile boards of pretty picture?  Haven't I done enough wishing/hoping/dreaming without any action?

     So I have created a new board on pinterest and I've called it Real Life Pins.  Everything on that board is something from pinterest that I have cooked, cleaned, worn or tried.  All right I know this isn't a life shattering declaration.  I also know that I am not going to successfully achieve everything I have pinned.  What I do know is this~ we are going to try some new recipes, Meg will wind up with some new headband (whether she likes them is NOT the goal), I am going to try some new crafts and organizing tips.  AND lucky you will be able to see them as well!

     You can find me on Pinterest as Lady Bren (ohh big surprise)!.  If you are not a member of pinterest and need an invitation just let me know and I will be glad to send one your way.

  ~~~Just moved some items around and I already have 6 pins on my new Real Life Pins Board.! Come check it out

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  1. Hey Bren,

    I haven't been by in a while. Been busy with my blog and all.

    I am glad you are on Pinterest. I am too. I followed you so now we will be Pinterest friends. WHoo hoo!



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